Over the last decade, CollabNet has successfully pioneered collaborative and distributed agile software development in the cloud for many of the world’s largest organizations. Today, we are the industry leading platform enabling distributed teams of all sizes to Code, Collaborate, and Deploy their software applications on-premise and in the cloud.

Founding Principles

Through our experience in the open-source and agile communities, we saw that the best practices found in these community processes, tools, and resources could transform the way enterprise software was developed. Instead of struggling with disparate and disconnected processes and tools, we realized that organizations and distributed development teams could realize greater innovation through a set of modern and transparent collaborative methodologies on a Web-based platform.

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+70% productivity, -18% costs cutting

Great Ideas Create Value

As you follow a great idea, it evolves, revealing even greater value. Over the past twelve years, first with Subversion, and then with TeamForge and CloudForge, the cloud based development tools and practices that CollabNet pioneered, have led to transformative business results for our users. Design cycles have shrunk by as much as 70 percent and development infrastructure costs have reduced by up to five times, all while achieving corporate compliance and improving client satisfaction and partner affinity. Customer returns jumped dramatically, with documented gains into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Cloud Development Leadership

At CollabNet, we are justifiably proud of our own leadership role in creating the thinking, processes and tools responsible for agile and modern web-based software development on the Internet. Yet even now, new leadership opportunities are emerging. Leveraging our experience in distributed development both onsite and in the cloud, we have defined a new market category we call Enterprise Cloud Development, which provides a blueprint for enterprises to realize the benefits of hybrid cloud development and deployment. In addition, we have created the industry's first front end platform to enable this market shift to hybrid cloud development and deployment. CollabNet’s hybrid cloud platform uniquely enables the orchestration of development and deployment processes and data across multiple platforms, frameworks, locations, and clouds – orchestrating public, private, and on-premise environments.

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3500+ cloud clients, 75000 active users, 26000 customers, 65000+ projects
CollabNet Passion and Vision

Passion & Vision

It’s a powerful vision that we believe will transform software development practices across all industries, delivering even greater innovation and returns on investment than ever before. And once again, it starts with a great idea, and the passion and vision of our employees.

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What makes a pioneer?

Simply put, it’s passionately pursuing a great idea with vision and clarity. Pioneers don’t start off thinking of themselves — they are focused on that pursuit, pushing past the boundaries into new territory. And the pursuit pays off with accolades from all across the globe.

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What makes CollabNet as a Pioneer