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Local Expertise Serving 100 Countries

Our service network strengthens our ability to help clients reduce cost of ownership, time-to-market and delivery risk. This fairly exclusive group of partners provides local consulting, integration and training services for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Source Code Management (SCM), Agile and Cloud development. Solution Providers add their specialized expertise to their investment and commitment to servicing and supporting CollabNet products.

Local Expertise Serving 100 Countries


Apelon, Inc. was created in 1999 through the merger of Lexical Technology and Ontyx. Apelon is an international clinical informatics company focusing on data standardization and interoperability. Apelon helps leading healthcare enterprises, life sciences organizations and government agencies improve the quality, comparability and accessibility of their information. Apelon offers solutions and professional services for terminology development, management, mapping and deployment.

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Geography: United States


BVision is an innovative software development company focused in delivering world-class applications to global customers. BVision specializes in building strong, elegant, and compelling software in Java, Ruby on Rails, .Net and Mobile technologies. Their Innovation & Creation Centers based in Argentina are integrated with the best Visionary talent of the region. Through their Labs, BVision is ready to bring to life all of your software development initiatives, taking full or partial control of your application lifecycle.

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Geography: Latin America


Configuration Management, Inc. is a leading provider of technology services, and has been supporting critical IT initiatives for Fortune 500 companies for 20 years including the design, development, systems integration, testing and operational support of application development platforms and systems. Focused on your needs, CMI offers a wide array of comprehensive and tailored solutions that are guaranteed to maximize the value of your technology investments. Whether you need to migrate to a new operating system, implement high-level IT governance and strategy, fill critical IT positions or explore outsourcing options, CMI is sure to deliver!

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Geography: United States


Dataline is a leading technology solutions provider to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal agencies. In partnership with our customers, we are accelerating the rate of change in the DoD’s transformation to Net-Centric Warfare and progressing America’s capability for total information dominance. Dataline is aligned into three strategic business areas: Information Operations and Network Services, Engineering and Implementation Services, and Electronic Security Services.

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Geography: US Federal


Deltazia offers various models of consulting collaboration with organizations to help them increase their competencies in Software Configuration Management through Outsourced Configuration Management, Custom and Long-term consulting assignments. Deltazia provides extensive, high quality training on the Software Configuration Management products as well as processes. These trainings can be organized as individualized, customized trainings or, workshops that are driven by us, which has representation from a large number of organizations.

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Geography: India


Ecetera is a technology and services provider who helps their customers to build, test, and operate ebusiness applications that deliver the quality and performance they requite. Ecetera's portfolio of proven technology and years of experience with the development and delivery of complex enterprise applications drives the success of their customer's ebusiness applications. Ecetera is a privately held company headquartered in Sydney and has offices in Melbourne and Brisbane.

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Geography: Australia, New Zealand


elego provides software development and process consulting services. Their software development teams are focused on advanced system development in Java and C/C++ for the high-tech market. elego's software process consultants are aligned on a basic aspect of professional software development: software configuration management (SCM). elego provides intersectoral specialized consulting and training services for the following areas of SCM: configuration identification, change control, version control, configuration audits/metrics, and build & release management.

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Geography: Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Renowned blue-chip clients in Europe, Asia and the Americas – including BMW, MAN Postbank, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp and the Zürcher Kantonalbank – place their trust in the competence of the Galileo Group with its twin commercial departments of IT Services and Software. With its SAP® release, change & transport management software Conigma™, the group’s subsidiary Galileo Tools sees itself as a market leader in the industrialization of SAP operations. It has been proven that over 7% of SAP costs can be saved each year.

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Geography: Germany


HIMA, Inc. provides highly valued IT services based on the latest technological advances in software configuration and change management (SCCM) and application lifecycle management (ALM) best practices. With a large group of highly capable SCM architects who are available for implementations at worldwide locations, Hima, Inc specializes on the challenges involved in designing, prototyping and implementing enterprise wide SCCM projects focused on geographically separated corporate team locations. Hima, Inc. is one of the first service oriented companies to implement hosting platform for projects from start to finish for global clients in active partnership with the Big Five industry companies.

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Geography: India


Infomatics, Inc. provides healthcare informatics and software services that focuses on ensuring customers have choices of pragmatic solutions that can meet today's needs while still capable of evolving to meet the needs of tomorrow. Their level of experience and expertise can provide benefits to any organization in a variety of ways and they have over two decades of experience in software development and healthcare services. In partnership, CollabNet and Informatics, Inc. have designed and deployed the Agile Collaboration Environment (ACE), specifically to meet the organizational an operational needs to lower the development cost, and increase the product quality of health terminologies.

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Geography: United States


ManTech is a leading provider of innovative technologies and solutions for mission-critical national security programs for the intelligence community; the departments of Defense, State, Homeland Security, Energy and Justice, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the space community; the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; and other U.S. federal government customers. Tehy provide support to critical national security programs through 1,000 current contracts.

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Geography: US Federal

OpenMake Sofware

OpenMake Sofware offers consulting and education services focused on assisting you with the implementation of a solid Application Lifecycle Management process for both traditional and agile environments. OpenMake Software is recognized as an authority on build management, continuous integration and the implementation of source code management solutions for over 14 years serving Global 2000 companies in a diverse group of vertical markets including banking, manufacturing, retail, electronics and insurance. Their multi-vendor consulting services include: Integration for Agile Methods; Build Processes Management Implementation Services; Source Code Management Implementation and Conversion Services and ALM Assessment for Defining Best Practice and Standards.

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Geography: United States


ReleaseTEAM, Inc. is an industry leading provider of Software Configuration Management services. Established in 1999, ReleaseTEAM supports Source Code Control, Build/Release, Modeling and Testing applications prevalent in the market today, specializing in tool migration and process improvement. ReleaseTEAM provides expert level consulting services including software and hardware VAR services and customized training/mentoring, with special consideration for clients' unique SDLC needs. ReleaseTEAM works well with small or large development groups, and boasts an impressive client list of DOD, Commercial and International companies.

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Geography: United States

Three Pillar Global

Three Pillar Global is a trusted partner in software product development that supports efficiency in today’s expanding mobile environment. The company offers expertise in the areas of mobile product, SaaS product and enterprise product. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Virginia, , Three Pillar Global has been recognized for rapid growth by both Inc. magazine (#44) and Virginia Business (#6). In reaching these rankings, the company has attracted leading and respected customers to include recognized names in media, healthcare, education and financial services.

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Geography: US Federal


Valtech India Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of Valtech S.A. Their state-of-the-art solution development center in Bangalore focuses on offshore Agile development to provide their global customers with improved responsiveness and business/IT alignment, in addition to offshore benefits of delivering high-quality software at lower cost. An early adopters of Agile methods and engineering best practices, Valtech has a proven track record of delivering rapid, innovative, higher quality software to principal industry sectors such as Banking & Financial Services, Retail & eCommerce, Travel, Aerospace, Manufacturing and Technology.

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Geography: India


UNICOM's mission is to be a global but specialized provider of business-to-business communication products and services. The company is active in commissioning new seminars, forums and training events. UNICOM works to stay in touch with the latest technology developments, evolving business concepts and management thinking, and respond to our clients' information and training needs. They development and commission seminars, workshops, specialist reports and newsletters, based on market research, technology analysis from a business perspective and peer group review. The company employs leading-edge networking, computing and media technologies for the delivery of its products and services

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Geography: United Kingdom

WinMill Software

Since 1994, WinMill Software has been delivering technology solutions with unparalleled service. From strategic management consulting to high-end application development, from designing and deploying broadband wireless solutions to securing applications and networks, we have helped thousands of clients use technology to gain strategic advantage over their competitors. Headquartered in New York City, WinMill is the premier resource for systems development and integration, expert consulting, wireless networks, certified classroom training, e-learning, quality assurance, technology infrastructure, and software resale.

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Geography: United States