Aragon Consulting – Krugle Enterprise

Unified Search for Developer Productivity
Aragon Consulting - Krugle Enterprise
Krugle Projects
Krugle Projects map to projects defined in the CollabNet platform and provide insight into project metadata such as code statistics and links to related project information.
Krugle Enterprise’s dashboard
Krugle Enterprise’s dashboard provides a comprehensive view into user, code, and check-in activity across Krugle Projects and highlights open source license compliance on a per-project level.
SCM Activity
Krugle Enterprise presents a convenient, navigable record of recent check-ins to the CollabNet platform, so that you can better understand how code is changing and why.
Constrain search
Krugle Enterprise allows searches to be constrained by language, by project, and by language feature. Here, search snippets are returned for calls to a given function appearing in Java code.
Search Result highlighting
When you select a search result in Krugle Enterprise, it opens the file and automatically highlights the search text.
Krugle Enterprise allows you to easily collaborate with colleagues by creating codespaces, which capture your search settings and results as a single URL that can be bookedmarked or shared via email or IM.

Krugle Enterprise keeps the entire development team on the same page, accelerates learning, minimizes duplicated effort and makes developers proficient with code they didn’t write. Tight integration to Subversion repositories means Krugle can leverage the code and code related information to assist you in finding the code you need. Unlike other development tools, Krugle Enterprise doesn’t require modification to existing systems or a lengthy, costly deployment and can be deployed and used the same day and requires no end user training. Through intelligent organization of development information, Krugle Enterprise is the fastest, easiest way to boost the productivity of the entire development organization.

Krugle Enterprise works with existing development systems to automatically create a comprehensive, searchable development information portal. Krugle uses modern crawl and search technology to collect specifications, project plans, defect tracking records, build records and source code – and organizes this information using the rich metadata captured by these systems.

Why CollabNet and Aragon Consulting?

Development organizations rely on an ever changing collection of tools to automate development tasks. These systems produce, manage and store vital information, but in a form that is impractical for most sharing, searching and analysis that development teams need. Krugle Enterprise breaks down the information silos created by these development systems – and continuously organizes all of the information that makes the development organization dramatically more productive. OpenSearch is a free, online version of Krugle Enterprise that can be used to test drive the capabilities of our Enterprise solution – using popular open source software projects including Apache and Mozilla Firefox. Access Krugle OpenSearch at

Organize For Action

  • Find source code files from class definitions, function definition or; function calls comments within the code. Sort and filter by code type, developer, project(s) and date range.
  • Identify problem solving resources and known fixes immediately. Locate all information related to problem symptoms, given error/log diagnostics or development system or SCM reference ID.
  • Increase productivity by finding, fixing, and learning code faster.

Code Search Methodology

  • Simplify identifying code clones, software auditing and code change impact analysis.
  • Search for code by the characteristics and descriptions used internally by your team by User defined project metadata.
  • Bring the most relevant items to the top of the search results list through advanced relevance ranking algorithms.

SCM Integration

  • Leverage the code and code related information to assist you in finding the code you need with the tight integration to Subversion.
  • Unify SCM administration activities for all repositories accessed by Krugle Enterprise. A rich set of options are included to set communication protocols, credentials and access control.
  • Monitor use of best practices and forbidden practices in source code management for distributed teams.