TeamForge® SCM

Version Control at Enterprise Scale


Created by CollabNet®, founder of Apache™ Subversion® and a major contributor to Git and Gerrit, TeamForge SCM gives organizations the advantages of distributed (Git) or centralized (SVN or CVS) version control systems, while providing a better experience for developers and ensuring compliance, governance, and IP security across all source code-related activities.

Git on a Global Scale

Effectively leverage Git across your organization with TeamForge SCM’s cutting-edge features that are hardened with enterprise-grade traceability, manageability, security and access controls.

Watch CollabNet webinar, “Optimize Your Enterprise Git” to learn the-best practices.


Git on a Global Scale

Git Branching

Git Fit for the Enterprise

  • Fine-grained role-based access controls (RBAC) and encryption
  • Git history protection and change rollback
  • Global Git replication
  • Git LFS support
  • Integrated code reviews with pull requests or Gerrit®
  • Customizable quality gates
  • Automatic end-to-end traceability and audit trails

Single Platform for Git and Subversion®

Pick the version control system and collaboration workflows that best fit your needs. Enable teams to effectively use and manage multiple distributed (Git) or centralized (SVN) repositories from the same platform. Enforce consistent RBAC and permissions, while scaling cutting-edge development practices.

Single Platform for Git and Subversion

Development Lifecycle Integration

Increase development velocity and drive down cost by connecting code management with the rest of the development lifecycle. Read the CollabNet solution brief to learn how to build a best-of-breed development race car using JIRA® software planning and tracking, TeamForge version control, Gerrit code reviews, Jenkins® continuous integration (CI), and Nexus® binary management, while maintaining traceability across the toolchain.


Protect Code in Git

Protect Code in Git

See how TeamForge SCM’s signature history protect feature uniquely enables easy rollback of undesired repository changes (including otherwise non-revocable commits) and creates tamper-proof audit trails, while allowing history rewrites.



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