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Our Open-source and Community Heritage

Contributed by sponsoring CollabNet community members, these integrations are free and governed by an open source or other public licenses as defined by the community sponsor. Community support through the project is typically available for these integrations. CollabNet provides the infrastructure, technical resources and community of users, partners and CollabNet engineers – all contributing to your success.

CollabNet supplies a template and community cookbook so you can quickly initiate and lead a project. All you need to do is register, so we can maintain a solid base of active participants and promote the project.

CollabNet Community

CollabNet Community Integrations

Name Description Phase Associated Products
AnkhSVN AnkhSVN is a Subversion plugin for Visual Studio. The software allows you to perform common version control operations directly from inside the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. Join Project Code Subversion
ClearSVN This connector allows you to develop a process for the synchronization of files between a CollabNet Subversion repository and IBM Rational ClearCase VOB (Versioned Object Base). Join Project Code Subversion
Geek-Track A project to track changes in federal legislation. (BSD-style license). Join Project Code Subversion
Overlord Overlord is a sprint planning and tracking tool. "Sprint" is the Scrum-specific term for an iteration in other agile software development methodologies. Join Project Code TeamForge
SharpSvn SharpSvn is a binding of the Subversion Client API for .Net 2.0 applications contained within a set of xcopy-deployable dll's. Join Project Code Subversion
SVN Binaries CollabNet makes Subversion available for Red Hat Linux, Windows and Solaris. The goal of the project is to create binaries for a wide range of platforms and ensure continuity through the support of a community, rather than individuals. Join Project Code Subversion
SVN Binaries - AIX Download and read an overview of the repository contents associated with building the AIX Subversion binary. Join Project Code Subversion
SVN Binaries - Mac OS X Universal Subversion Binaries for Leopard Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. Governed by the Subversion license. Join Project Code Subversion
TeamForge Calendar This small application uses the standard APIs to display tasks on a Calendar page. The application is Java and JSPs and the built .war file can be deployed on either the TeamForge web server on any other server. The Calendar must then be linked to any project that wants to display tasks on the Calendar. Join Project Plan TeamForge
TeamForge Chart A linked application, TeamForge Chart generates web-based trend and snapshot charts from project tracker data. Trend chart provides a view of the number of open and closed tracker artifacts over time while a snapshot provides a view on a given date. Navigate between trend and snapshot charts by clicking a data point or pie chart section. Data displayed depends on your Role Based Access Permissions in the project. Join Project Code TeamForge
TeamForge Clipboard A switchpoint tool for TeamForge finds items on the one end, processes them, and exit in a formatted fashion on the other side. Clipboard is useful for everybody who works a lot with TeamForge items in textual descriptions, such as email, specifications. Freeware; no source available. Join Project Code TeamForge
TeamForge Reuse Catalog This application enables you to set up a reuse catalog for your project or for your TeamForge site. The reuse catalog holds catalog entries with descriptive information about each object and a reference to where the object can be retrieved. The integration supports a hierarchical classification scheme (taxonomy) for the organization of catalog entries in categories. Freeware; no source available. Join Project Code TeamForge
truMerge A merge helper tool that combines true rename functionality with Subversion merge, in order to handle tree conflicts more reliably and effectively. (BSD-style license) Join Project Code Subversion