TeamForge Add-Ons

CollabNet Desktop – Eclipse Edition

Simplify JAVA Software Development
CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition - Projects and Artifacts
See all of your CollabNet projects and artifacts directly from Eclipse. Easy setup tools provide instant access.
CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition - Powerful Merge Client
Use a powerful merge client to simplify the process of running merges and resolving the conflicts that can occur.
CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition - Dynamic Planning Feature
Full support for dynamic planning feature of TeamForge, including in-line editing of artifacts and drag and drop planning and dependency management.
CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition - Rich Task Editor
Take advantage of a rich task editor with features like integrated spell-checking and drag and drop file attachments.
CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition - Task Lists and Custom Queries
Get convenient access to task lists and custom queries that allow you to focus only on the items that are important to you. Automatically stay in sync with the project repositories without leaving Eclipse.
CollabNet Desktop - Eclipse Edition - Integrated SSH Client and Terminal
Launch the integrated SSH client and terminal for easy access to Lab Management hosts.

CollabNet Desktop – Eclipse Edition greatly simplifies software development, driving productivity and software quality. The CollabNet Desktop enables developers using Eclipse to access Apache™ Subversion® and the rich features of the CollabNet TeamForge ALM platform directly from your IDE -- with a seamless integration and graphical point-and-click interface.

Source Code Management: Access your Subversion repositories and perform all Subversion-related activities directly from your development environment. All Desktops include a powerful interface for merge tracking, graphical conflict resolution, and tree conflict handling.

Tracking & Project Management: Easily open requirements documents, link code changes to issues, manage timelines, and search discussion forums and wikis across projects. Define custom queries and set your own monitoring rules.

Continuous Build & Test: Push code to a continuous integration server. Access issues logged automatically to your issue tracking system for unsuccessful builds, or manage file releases resulting from successful builds. Dynamically provision build and test servers from your IDE using TeamForge Lab Management and certified plugins to Hudson/Jenkins.

Why CollabNet and Eclipse?

A JAVA developer can perform common Subversion-related tasks without leaving Eclipse, including viewing the status of source code, updating a working copy, committing changes, and browsing repositories. Drag-and-drop tools simplify development - providing automatic mapping of assets from build to release. For instant access, add all your CollabNet projects to your workspace by entering only a server URL and credentials. CollabNet functionality works behind the scenes, managing configuration and access to related Subversion repositories for source code management, issue tracking, documents, wikis, discussion forums and other project artifacts. The download includes open source Subclipse, Subversion plugin.


Save Time; Ease Management

  • Auto-configure related repositories for Subversion and project artifacts automatically when you add a project to your workspace.
  • Choose from a long list of predefined queries, such as active tasks or tasks assigned to me, to get started quickly.
  • No external SSH client needed. Everything the user needs for SSH access is included and automated.

Improve Accuracy

  • Always see the latest information in your development environment with automatic project updates
  • Query results are automatically refreshed with the repository, so users see the latest changes to existing tasks as well as creation of new ones that meet their criteria.
  • View development progress with graphical reports including a burndown chart.

Visual Ease-of-Use

  • Utilize plan editor to see planning folder work items in a grid view and perform in-place edits of status, effort, and other artifact details.
  • Rank artifacts through a simple drag and drop operation
  • Use graphical merge wizard for changes between any two repository paths for tree conflict resolution

* Apache, Apache Subversion and the Subversion logo are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation. Subversion® is a registered trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.