TeamForge Add-Ons

CollabNet TeamForge to Atlassian JIRA

Traceability and Discovery
Single sign-on, and single user menu
Single sign-on, and single user menu
Central user management
Central user management
JIRA Issue association with TeamForge objects
JIRA Issue association with TeamForge objects
Central repository search & discovery
Central repository search & discovery
Enforce Subversion commit compliance
Enforce Subversion commit compliance

The Certified Integration between Atlassian JIRA® and the CollabNet TeamForge platform enables traceability and discovery across artifacts and objects, and provides centralization of user management. Users of isolated instances of JIRA now can take advantage of an integrated work environment for Enterprise Cloud Development with TeamForge. You can also combine and integrate TeamForge Subversion management with JIRA tracking.

Simplify User Management: Manage users centrally with TeamForge to simplify administration and improve oversight. Improve process compliance with centralized on- and off-boarding of project staff, no matter what tools they are using. With single sign-on, TeamForge users are automatically authenticated for use of JIRA.

Facilitate Collaboration: All functionality for planning, development, tracking, and build, test and delivery can be accessed from within the integrated application management console of TeamForge. Users of TeamForge tracker and JIRA tracker functionality can associate artifacts with documents and discussions captured within a central TeamForge instance.

Streamline Defect Tracking & Resolution: Central search allows for discovery across TeamForge and multiple isolated instances of JIRA. Through a traceable foundation of tracker artifacts with discussions, requirements and documents, tracking and resolution of defects and software changes is streamlined.

Why TeamForge and JIRA?

Uncontrolled proliferation of stovepipe tools not only increases license and integration cost, but also seriously impedes collaboration, process automation and governance. The CollabNet integration empowers users of JIRA tracker functionality to collaborate more effectively, both with TeamForge users and amongst themselves. All developers and project staff can get access to full TeamForge functionality, and work from a common and traceable foundation of artifacts, documents and discussions. In addition, the integration helps improving governance, by centralizing vital functions such as user management.


  • Access both technologies via single sign-on, and single user menu
  • Central search allows for discovery across TeamForge, and multiple isolated instances of JIRA

Better Governance

  • Enforce traceability by associating JIRA defects with TeamForge artifacts
  • Create, modify and delete JIRA users directly from within TeamForge


  • Improve collaboration and knowledge sharing, with discussions, wikis & document management
  • Search and discover objects and artifacts, across TeamForge and JIRA repositories

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