CollabNet Subversion Connector to IBM Rational ClearCase

Coexist with Legacy Tools

This Certified Integration allows you to develop a process for the synchronization of files between a Subversion repository and IBM Rational ClearCase VOB (Versioned Object Base). This enables development teams to work with Subversion, leverage its ease of use and out-of-the-box distributed development capabilities, while still participating in the processes that may have been built around ClearCase, such as a build and release.

The CollabNet connector allows you to use Subversion to support your distributed development teams, while keeping their work synchronized with what is happening in your ClearCase VOB. Subversion is easy to use and has a variety of tool integrations, such as the CollabNet Desktops for Eclipse or Visual Studio developers. Give your developers the tools to make them more productive while still maintaining your existing ClearCase processes, such as builds.

Why Subversion and ClearCase?

Have the option to maintain or phase out existing ClearCase infrastructure. Many customers express a desire to move off ClearCase but have too big of an investment in the ClearCase build infrastructure to justify the switch. Transfer source code between ClearCase views and Subversion branches and develop secure process for migrating source code and use Subversion for best change management practice. This connector allows developers to work in Subversion while a scripted process transfers source into ClearCase where it can use the build infrastructure.

Maintain Clearcase Build Infrastructure and Processes

  • Transfer back Subversion modifications to ClearCase
  • Make the source code changes available to your existing processes built around ClearCase
  • Preserve existing build processes around ClearCase; migrate at your own pace or never

Cut Costs

  • Reduce the number of ClearCase client licenses
  • Use open source Apache Subversion or CollabNet Subversion Edge for development
  • Protect the investment you have made in ClearCase processes

Enable Distributed Development

  • Support distributed development teams with Subversion for SCM
  • Boost developer productivity as their tools perform better
  • Save on hardware/licenses required for ClearCase to perform adequately in a distributed environment