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What’s New with ScrumWorks Pro

Announcing ScrumWorks Pro Version 6.3

CollabNet's ScrumWorks Pro has delivered enterprise functionality along with ease of use to thousands of development teams around the world. The tool’s powerful features, simplicity and scalability have made it the choice for Agile organizations with small teams, as well as for large enterprises. With the recent releases of ScrumWorks Pro, this great tool just keeps getting better.

New in ScrumWorks Pro 6.3

User-driven Enhancements

ScrumWorks Pro 6.3 includes many new features requested by customers, including the following capabilities:

  • Archiving: Have you ever wanted to archive a Theme, Program Release, or even an entire Program? Well now you can! Archived items are hidden from view within all reports.
  • Expanded Change Log: The Change Log now displays information beyond 60 days, and you can customize date ranges for viewing or export.
  • Kanban Board: We’ve made modifications to the Kanban board based on community feedback, such as hiding “done” items from view, so you can focus on work-in-progress.
  • Scope Change Forecasting: The Release Forecast report now allows you to calculate Velocity and Scope Change Projections, using selected date ranges.

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New in ScrumWorks Pro 6.2

New Reporting Capabilities

ScrumWorks Pro has a number of improvements prioritized by customers. These new capabilities include:

  • Cross-product web reports. You can now generate web reports that will span any number of Products.
  • Epic progress report. You can now access the Epic Progress report through the web reporting interface.

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New in ScrumWorks Pro 6.1

Web Client and User Interface

ScrumWorks Pro 6.1 has a significant number of improvements in ease-of-use and in the user interface. The user interface now is consistent with the rest of the CollabNet product line, improving ease-of-use when moving from one CollabNet product to another. Further, customers can now do sprint management within the web client. For example, you can create, edit, and delete sprints directly from the web client in the “Planning” view. Also, users can modify the account display name, email address and password from the web client.

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New in ScrumWorks Pro 6.0

Kanban Management

ScrumWorks Pro 6.0 supports the use of the Kanban methodology. This gives teams greater flexibility in determining which type of Agile approach to use, and allows a greater number of teams to achieve the benefits available with ScrumWorks Pro. You can define kanban teams with work-in-progress (WIP) lanes that are tailored to match a project’s workflow. Team members use the drag-and-drop kanban board to move items through the workflow, while custom WIP limits expose wasted “inventory” and bottlenecks.

Improved Planning and My Tasks views

The My Tasks view has been improved with a new user interface and better editing capabilities. Users can now be added, deleted or edited by clicking the task titles and opening the task editor. The Planning view has also been enhanced with a new theme for improved contrast and usability.

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New in ScrumWorks Pro 5.1

Custom Status Fields

With the release of ScrumWorks Pro 5.1 customers can now define custom states for work items. This feature gives teams more visibility into the project status by providing a more granular description of the work items in the workflow process. All reports have been upgraded to include custom statuses, including web reports.


Workflow for Work Items

A workflow for work items can be implied from early requirements all the way through acceptance/done by defining and sequentially listing the custom statuses. The list order is designed to be flexible and act as a workflow guideline. This new feature helps teams focus on the flow of backlog items through the development process, customizing as needed.

New in ScrumWorks Pro 5.0:

Web-Based Planning

ScrumWorks Pro’s new web client is built with three flexible columns, between which users can drag and drop backlog items between sprints, teams and releases. Each column can be configured in the way the users wish, allowing a single place for users to use drag and drop capabilities in PBI prioritization, release planning and team iteration definition.


Web-based Dashboard

ScrumWorks Pro version 5.0 makes it easy for team members to configure custom dashboards, giving users the ability to select and display the analytics that they need to make well founded business decisions. Now all critical reports are always accessible from within the web client by simply clicking the "Dashboard" link.


Modernized Task Board

ScrumWorks Pro v5.0 updated taskboard incorporates new capabilities that include:

  • Ability to highlight any/all users' tasks at once
  • Dynamically resizing column widths
  • Full view of backlog item details
  • Automatic refresh of changes
  • Automatic concurrency/collision detection and warning
  • Mini-burndown

Web-based “My Tasks” view

Team members have long been able to leverage the My Task view in the ScrumWorks Pro web interface to track and update the tasks they are addressing. Now in version 5.0, users are able to view tasks across all products and sprints in one convenient view. Furthermore, users can now submit updates in a table-style interface and then just hit “submit” to make it stick!


Other important Features in ScrumWorks Pro 5.0

CollabNet’s ScrumWorks Pro version 5.0 delivers many important new features that will improve the productivity of Agile teams. In addition to the items above, version 5.0 delivers:

  • Corporate proxy support
  • Support for double byte characters in attachment file names
  • Linkable URL for individual PBI’s
  • Upgraded interface to CollabNet TeamForge