subversion certified binaries

Free, multi-platform Subversion binaries certified by CollabNet* Apache, Mac, AnkhSVN, Subclipse, and more.

SubversionEdge smarter scm management

Free fully-automated installer/updater for software stacks of Subversion, Apache, and ViewVC fronted by a powerful web console for administration and server health check monitoring.

Free and commercial plans to securely back up your on-premise Subversion repositories in the CollabNet public.

TeamForge Enterprise-Grade ALM

Add distributed multi-server Subversion replication, enterprise Git, centralized code governance, and improved network performance.

Add Agile ALM through DevOps across hybrid clouds.

CollabNet founded and open-sourced Subversion in 2000 to address the industry demand for a scalable and web-based SCM application for the distributed enterprise. Through CollabNet's decade of stewardship, Subversion has gained over 50% of the SCM market. Learn more about CollabNet’s innovation and leadership for Subversion which has been incorporated into SubversionEdge.

SubversionEdge – Smarter Management

SubversionEgde - Smarter Management
  • Powerful: Web management console puts you in control of enterprise Subversion.
  • Fast & Easy: Single installer and updater includes all you need: Apache Subversion®, Apache HTTP server, ViewVC and Web-based console.
  • Server Health Monitoring: Monitor Subversion server throughput and capacity.
  • Extensible: Programmatically access all Edge features through REST API's.
  • (New) Free Cloud Backup: Backup and restore your repos using CloudForge.

See all Subversion Edge functionality and benefits.

Your Enterprise Subversion Partner

Watch Video: Introducing CollabNet SubversionEdge
  • Scale: SubversionEdge scales to meet the needs of individuals through global organizations processing millions of build, integration, and test transactions a day.
  • Support: CollabNet's Subversion offerings are backed up with dedicated support professionals worldwide and a rich suite of community and professional support, services and training plans.
  • Advanced SCM Services: Work with the CollabNet worldwide services team – the industry standard bearer in helping organizations implement SCM and collaborative software development tools and processes for their distributed internal teams.
  • Community: Our offerings are backed by the industry’s largest staffed team of commercial and open source Subversion development and QA professionals, providing customers with the highest quality and most up-to-date Subversion related software.