Your Collaborative Software Delivery Platform

CollabNet TeamForge® is the industry's only open and extensible collaborative software delivery platform for distributed teams. It enables organizations to improve collaboration, agility and governance by connecting teams, processes, IP and tools via a centralized, secure, web-based system. With TeamForge, your entire organization can collaborate and become more agile at scale. And it scales to tens of thousands of users.

Federation - Any Tool, Any Process, Any Geo

  • Freedom of tool choice combined with governance and traceability across the software development lifecycle
  • Gain centralized visibility and control of all SDLC activities for improved decision support
  • Leverage legacy tools, embrace new ones – connect


  • Connect people and teams across the enterprise – Dev, Ops and business
  • Create an open, social community architecture for real-time visibility and communication
  • Allow teams to work how they want, with Agile-based or hybrid processes
  • Promote sharing of ideas, innovation and code re-use


Orchestration – Automate and Visualize Dev & Deploy Work Streams

  • Automate the entire software delivery process for rapid release of quality applications
  • Visually monitor all development & deployment pipelines and work streams down to individual activities and its associations
  • Gain centralized visibility, governance and control of all activities