DevOps is a set of practices and technologies that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations professionals.

DevOps incorporates three technology pillars

Federation, Collaboration and Automation
  • Federation of lifecycle point tools, from requirement to production.
  • Collaboration between development, operations and business stakeholders.
  • Automation to accelerate the final steps of bringing applications into production.

The CollabNet DevOps approach is built around the industry’s leading Federated Application Lifecycle Management solution, TeamForge. TeamForge delivers an infrastructure that federates point tools across the lifecycle and provides an integrated framework for collaboration across the enterprise. Automation of the last mile, including Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment, is delivered by leveraging partnerships with Automic and OpsCode.

Key Benefits

  • Faster Time to Market – Deliver applications faster and avoid rollout bottlenecks using fully automated application deployments, automated promotions and environment reservations.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction – Higher quality, better targeted applications by ensuring rapid feedback from end users.
  • Reduced Downtime – Production environments achieve reduced downtime due to smaller, less risky application changes combined with better visibility for quicker resolution.
  • Reduced Costs – Automation allows teams to re-allocate valuable resources to higher value tasks.

  • Compliance and Governance – Automate end-to-end tracking and reporting on all Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment activities.

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case study

Case Study
Deutsche Post – DHL Achieves
Enterprise Agility through DevOps


DevOps for a New Millennium

TeamForge Deploy with Automic Automic

Application Release Automation (ARA) is the process of packaging and deploying an application or update from development to production. ARA plays a critical part in a DevOps framework, providing the capability to achieve Continuous Delivery while still maintaining the security, scalability and compliance required by large enterprises.

Application Release Automation

TeamForge Deploy with Automic is an ARA solution that comes from the industry’s leading independent IT automation vendor, Automic. Deploy addresses the entire deployment process, from packaging the release, through release planning and control, to automated deployment and monitoring. The combination of TeamForge and TeamForge Deploy allows enterprises to accelerate software delivery and reduce costs.

Application Release AutomationApplication Release Automation

TeamForge Deploy delivers the key ARA capabilities that enterprises require, including:

  • Packaging: identification of the configuration items that must be deployed in a release or update.
  • Dependency Mapping: identification of dependencies between components of the application.
  • Software Deployment: configuration of the operating environment and installation (or rollback) of the application components.
  • Promotion: delivery of tested packages to an environment of higher criticality.
  • Compliance: automated collection and reporting on data used to address compliance mandates.

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DevOps for a New Millennium


Enterprise DevOps at Scale:
TeamForge Deploy with Automic

CollabNet TeamForge with
OpsCode Chef OpsCode

CollabNet TeamForge with OpsCode Chef

CollabNet’s partnership with OpsCode provides enterprises a path to Continuous Deployment, where every verified change is automatically put into production. OpsCode Chef automates configuration, deployment and scaling for servers and applications. Chef allows developers to model IT infrastructure and application delivery as code. By modeling IT infrastructure and application delivery as code, Chef provides the power and flexibility to address rapid provisioning and deployment of servers.

The combination of TeamForge and Chef provides development teams the end-to-end capability – from user story through deployment – to rapidly provision Continuous Delivery pipelines. It tracks all activities to provide the cross-function traceability needed to integrate these faster release processes directly into large-scale, enterprise ALM initiatives. TeamForge Recipes and Cookbooks for Chef provide re-usable configurations and policies to simplify the build and management of software release pipelines

CollabNet’s collaboration with Opscode, and its expertise with Chef, complements its open approach that allows enterprise IT organizations to use the very best tools available. With Opscode Chef, CollabNet continues to extend the DevOps capabilities of its TeamForge ALM platform, having recently launched TeamForge Orchestrate for cross-function integration and traceability, and its partnership with IT process automation company Automic.

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The Role of Feedback in Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery


Federated ALM and DevOps -
TeamForge 7

Resources for DevOps Framework

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Case Study

Deutsche Post needed a solution to drive application lifecycle management (ALM), unified across development, maintenance and IT operations (DevOps). In particular, this required a lifecycle process and tool platform that would enable iterative and agile continuous integration (CI) and deployment...

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