Why TeamForge for Enterprise Git:
The Six Reasons

Git + Subversion –
Integrate or Migrate

Integrate Subversion and Git code projects, with common code governance, security and workflows. Or migrate to Git from Subversion, IBM Rational ClearCase or CVS – at your own pace.

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Git + Subversion – Integrate or Migrate

Tool Integration – Application Lifecycle

Tool Integration –
Application Lifecycle

Extend Git workflows with defect management, code reviews and build & test automation. Choose from pre-packaged trackers, Gerrit and Jenkins. Or build your own integrations with open APIs.

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Dev Productivity –
Code Reviews & Discovery

Simplify code reviews with inline comments & side-by-side displays. Automate code checks with Jenkins, and manage workflows via your favorite client. Instantly discover lost code with search.

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Dev Productivity – Code Reviews & Discovery

History Protection – Un-Do Any Commit

History Protection –
‘Un-Do’ Any Commit

The ‘un-do button’ for Git code commits, we have it. Safely roll-back updates, even otherwise ‘non-revocable’ commits. Intercept ‘history rewrite attempts’ and record temper-proof audit trails.

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Access Control – Protect Your IP

Enforce role-based access control (RBAC) and fine-grained permission management for read & write operations. Manage authentication and encryption for code access.

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Access Control – Protect Your IP

24/7 Support – Enterprise-Ready Git

24/7 Support – Enterprise-Ready Git

Git is evolving at high speed. Don’t take chances with your enterprise software assets. Ensure 24/7 uptime with industry’s leading commercial support, whether you use Git on-site or in the cloud.

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Git Download

Git Download

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By the numbers

Git by numbers

Manage Git + Subversion, Side-by-Side

Video: Android Development with Git

“We use Git [in additional to Subversion], since we work together with Google on the Android stack. Together with CollabNet we have been able to … get overall visibility into all the different projects, within the same environment.” – NXP

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Central Governance for Git + SVN

Can’t decide what’s right for you? Manage Git + Subversion side-by-side, even within a single code project. A central admin console lets you manage repositories, user permissions and workflows.

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Git Migrations & Implementations

Don't know where to start? Our Applied Workshop helps. Get expert advice that is proven to work. Integrate with (or migrate from) Subversion, IBM Rational ClearCase or CVS.

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Integrate ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) Tools

Gerrit Code Reviews, Jenkins CI

Conduct code reviews using pre-packaged Gerrit functionality. Automate Continuous Integration (CI) with build & test, using pre-integrations with Jenkins and Hudson.

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Lifecycle Traceability

Automate traceability from requirements to code and build & test. Associate code commits with artifacts, automatically from within your IDE or command line. Manage defects and requirements with pre-packaged trackers.

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Tool Integration with Open APIs

Integrate 3rd party tools via open API’s. Choose form pre-integrated tools such as HP Quality Center, Atlassian JIRA or Microsoft Projects. Or build your own extensions with TeamForge Connect.

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Automated Code Reviews and Search

Simplify Peer Reviews with Gerrit

Gerrit is powering the world’s largest open source communities such as Android and Eclipse. Pre-packaged with TeamForge, it simplifies peer code reviews with in-line commenting and workflows. And reduce the number of manual code reviews by automatically pre-validating builds via Jenkins.

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Govern Approval Workflows

Codify best-practices workflows, and ensure only reviewed and approved code is merged back into the master repository. Choose from pre-packaged review templates or customize templates to your specific requirements.

Code-Search with Black Duck® Code Sight™

Discover and reuse code across projects, with embedded Black Duck Code Sight functionality. Easily find code snippets and related associations to requirements and defects. Meet security mandates by governing search with permission management.

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The Safety Net for Your Code

The ‘Un-do’ Button for Git

Never again worry about accidental commits. Easily roll-back any repository updates, even otherwise ‘non-revocable’ commits (such as ‘push –f’ operations, ‘non-fast forward updates’ or ‘remote refs’). Perform ‘Un-do’ operations easily from the Git command line or Web clients.

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Tamper Proof Audit Compliance

Attention auditors: Git’s native log is easily overwritten using standard Git operations. To ensure regulatory and corporate compliance mandates, you need TeamForge’s temper-proof audit trails.

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Central Repository Management

Easily create and govern master Git repositories, and synchronize with peer repositories. Take advantage of Git flexibility without compromising governance, compliance and IP protection.

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Access Control and Permission Management

Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

Govern and manage roles and permissions for all Git repositories, enterprise-wide from a central management console. Choose from pre-defined roles or quickly define and create new roles. Central RBAC governs not only Git repositories, but the entire application lifecycle.

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Fine-grained Permission Management

TeamForge embeds Gerrit, providing the industry’s leading permissions management for Git. Granular permissions control what users can view, create or modify. Manage fine-grained permissions down to the individual branch level, for read and write.

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Authentication and Encryption

Integrate all common authentication methods (LDAP, PKI, AD), single sign-on (SSO) and SSL and SSH protocols (asymmetric key cryptography) to secure enterprise data communications.

Enterprise Grade Availability & Scalability

Support with Enterprise-Grade SLA’s

Git is open-source, but sometimes you want a company that can stand behind Git. CollabNet is that company, providing enterprise-grade 24/7 support to deliver on strict service level agreements (SLA’s). Choose from a variety of cost-effective corporate plans, starting below $350 a month.

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Scale 10's to 1000's of Users

Scale 10’s to 1000’s of Users

TeamForge powers some of the world’s largest development companies, in industries such as banking / finance / insurance, government, healthcare / pharmaceuticals and hi-tech.

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Multi-Platform & Cloud Support

As Git deployments grow within an enterprise, platform and scalability requirements will change. CollabNet TeamForge can be deployed on-premise within the enterprise (Linux and VMware), or can be hosted in a private or public cloud with CollabNet.