TeamForge Add-Ons

Elastic Provisioning to Power Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

TeamForge Lab Management is a cloud-enabling service that significantly reduces infrastructure costs while promoting development productivity and rapid innovation. Plugging into TeamForge, Lab Management provides self-service provisioning of software profiles and servers (physical and virtual) for distributed development, test, build and IT operations teams.

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Elastic Provisioning of Systems for Development, Continuous Integration
and Continuous Delivery

Using Lab Management, geographically distributed teams can reserve a set of physical or virtual systems from a central pool of resources and rebuild these systems according to any pre-defined build, test, and deployment configuration. Once build and test activities are completed, the reserved systems are released back into the shared pool of resources for immediate re-provisioning.

Centralized Management and Reuse of Build Components

TeamForge Lab Management provides a fully searchable and secure central repository of systems and software configurations to facilitate standardization and reuse. Cross-project access is controlled with permission to assets.

Improved Visibility and Alignment with TeamForge Projects

System utilization can be monitored in real-time or in summary reports, by project, user, or system. Underutilized or unallocated systems from the global resource pool can be quickly identified.

Centralized Management of System Profiles

Profiles can be tracked and versioned so that previously configured systems can be re-created at any point to easily test new code, revert to previous configurations, and compare system versions.

Built on Cloud Standards – Apache LibCloud

Lab Management allows users to provision servers in their own private cloud, CollabNet CloudForge, or in Amazon EC2 using Apache Libcloud to abstract away differences among cloud provider APIs. Additional public clouds supported by Apache Libcloud are available upon user request with the support of CollabNet Consulting Services.

Benefits by Role

For Development Teams For IT Operations For Executives
  • Self-service provisioning speeds development process
  • Profile library automates system configuration and build replication
  • QA and test streamlined by control of access and reuse of system configurations
  • Support for most popular build and test tools
  • Tightly linked to ALM process and tools
  • Secure access and control of system resources and configuration profiles
  • Real-time monitoring of world-wide development resources for optimization and management
  • Offloads tedious system configuration tasks required for development teams
  • Server consolidation
  • Audit support
  • Reporting for compliance, internal chargeback
  • Reduce costs of development infrastructure
  • Visibility into worldwide development systems

Detailed Capabilities & Benefits:

Self-service, dynamic allocation of development, build, & test services via your browser or IDE

  • Accelerate application development with on-demand build and test tools, application stacks, and servers available directly from the web browser, CollabNet TeamForge, CollabNet Build & Test, Eclipse, or Visual Studio
  • Self-service access from a pool of standardized development, build, and test resources
  • Build your own cloud, using your own servers, your corporate private cloud, CollabNet’s server cloud, or Amazon EC2
  • Easily pool resources to be shared by a team or project, or even across teams and projects
  • Simplify administration by consolidating resources into fewer, more robust machines that can be easily shared.
  • Collaborate on build and test results with distributed teams using e-mail, discussion forums, documents, code, issues, reports, and other team tools

Profile library: centralized management of build and test software stacks

  • Reduce time spent setting up and configuring systems by 90%
  • Use version controlled software stack profiles managed as a secure library for consistency across the development, build, and test cycles
  • Promote enterprise wide software asset reuse and support SOA initiatives
  • Create custom continuous integration profiles or choose from standards based on Hudson, Cruise Control, or Maven
  • Create custom test tools profiles such as HP Mercury, PushToTest.
  • Build your own profile using any industry software stack, including all Hudson extensions

Build library: centralized management and reuse of build components

  • Minimize productivity loss due to broken builds and errors from mis-configuration.
  • Reproduce & repair bug fixes more rapidly.
  • Enable standardized build processes with a library of build and test stacks
  • Accelerate and support continuous integration by automating the process and workflow from end to end.

Governance and reporting: visibility and control across global pool of computing resources, projects, profiles, and build artifacts

  • Enable visibility into continuous integration status — machine allocation, capacity, by user, role, and function
  • Support compliance requirements.
  • Securely access software artifacts and hardware assets with audit trails
  • Track project costs of assets from various clouds.
  • Provide cost accounting of machine time for project/user reporting.

Any Cloud Access

  • Access users' own servers, or users' corporate “private cloud,” Amazon EC2, or CollabNet's server cloud
  • Store your successful build and test results in the TeamForge Release directory for immediate production on-ramping to your private or public cloud
  • Create a pool of shared resources
  • Consolidate resources to enable sharing and simplify administration