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The Agile Guru Webinar

In this session, Caleb will cover topics that you and your colleagues request, improving adoption and success at your organization.

15 Aug 2014
10:00 -11:00 PDT


Grasping Agility: A Guide to Building an Agile Organization

Why is agility considered to be the key characteristic of a successful company? In today's business world, inundated with rapid advancements in technology, constant change is the 'norm' and a company's agility is a major predictor for success.

Jul 2014


Don't Let Git Get Your Goat - Master Git and avoid common problems

Git is growing in popularity especially for the enterprise. While powerful and feature rich, the command syntax can be tricky. Even experienced users can make mistakes that have unintended impact to their repositories. Gerrit code review introduces additional complexity to Git.

Luckily, there are graphical clients like GitEye that make Git and Gerrit easier to use. This webinar will demonstrate tips to master Git and avoid common problems.

Jul 2014


DevOps in the Enterprise - Part 2

Making DevOps A Reality with TeamForge, Automic and Chef

In the second part of the session, CollabNet will present a technical deep dive into two proven solutions that deliver on the promise of DevOps. Join CollabNet’s senior director of field operations, Kevin Hancock, as he demonstrates and answers questions about TeamForge’s integrations with Automic for application release automation (ARA) and OpsCode Chef for Continuous Deployment.

May 2014


Federating Subversion and Git

Securely Scaling Subversion or Git Across the Highly Complex Enterprise with Jeff Reynolds

Apr 2014

Mar 2014

Data Sheet

CollabNet TeamForge Product Overview

TeamForge fosters a flexible, collaborative approach to software development and delivery – providing enterprises with choice over practices and tools, while transforming software delivery into a process that is transparent, predictable, repeatable and cost-effective. Enterprises using TeamForge have achieved 50% improvements in delivery times and reduced costs by 80%, while meeting stringent process compliance mandates.

Mar 2014


Securely Scaling Agile Software Delivery

Agile, DevOps, Cloud, virtualization and automation are changing the way you need to think about how to deliver technology-driven and software solutions across your enterprise. TeamForge is the only ALM platform capable of securely integrating any tool or process, providing project-level and wider-scale agility, while also providing enterprise-wide control and visibility into all development activities.

Mar 2014


Special Agile Guru – New 3 Day CSM Course Introduction

Are you interested in hearing about a more comprehensive, in depth approach to the CSM training? Register today for a live information session with Michael James, to learn more about the “Certified ScrumMaster Experience”, a new 3 day CSM course. The first class will start in April.

In this free information session Michael will provide an overview of the new course and address live questions from the audience.

We will be offering a special promo for the new class at this event, so be sure not to miss it!

Feb 2014


What's New? Overview of TeamForge 7.1 & Orchestrate 1.1

TeamForge with Orchestrate enables organizations to improve collaboration, agility and governance by connecting teams, processes, IP and tools. Orchestrate adds automated cross-functional associations, visual lifecycle traceability and social activity streams.

Join us for a live webinar to learn more about what’s new in TeamForge 7.1 and Orchestrate 1.1. Jeff Evans, Product Manager for TeamForge, will provide an overview of:

Jan 2014