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Achieving the Benefits of DevOps on an Enterprise Scale

What does it take, exactly, to do DevOps well?

This new white paper from CollabNet, Achieving the Benefits of DevOps on an Enterprise Scale, provides essential information you can use to help make your DevOps initiative more effective. It outlines the:

  • Primary benefits to be gained implementing DevOps
  • Key elements of effective DevOps (including guiding principles, essential strategies and emerging best practices)
  • Prerequisites for DevOps: (cultural, organizational, process, and systems)
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DevOps for a New Millenium

DevOps has evolved as a cross-functional, collaborative, and lifecycle- focused activity that spans the entire application lifecycle, rather than a point in time bridge between development and operations teams. This paper highlights the latest findings from EMA Research (Enterprise Management Associates), who has been researching this emergence of cross functional support and DevOps teams for several years. It elaborates on the key stages of this lifecycle approach to DevOps along with the stakeholders and transition responsibilities involved in each stage.

Download this whitepaper today to learn how taking a lifecycle approach to DevOps can help you break down organizational silos and accelerate software delivery.

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Enterprise Cloud Development — A Roadmap to Modern Software Delivery

The promise of innovation is alluring, yet often difficult to obtain. This is especially true for large IT organizations, where entrenched ways of doing things prevent new methods and technologies from being adopted.

But now, in the software development industry, there are several key trends emerging to enable IT organizations to achieve innovation.

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Reference Sheet for Chief Financial Officer / Chief Procurement Officer

Why IBM Rational ClearCase is a problem for your financials
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Requirements Management in the Age of Agile

Good software requirements are critical for delivering high quality software. Managing the changing requirements of a new system through the application lifecycle is one of the most critical aspects of software development today. Developing a system that is guaranteed to meet the needs of the customer when it’s time to release requires using the right tools and processes. In this paper we discuss some of the key challenges of requirements management and how organizations are addressing these challenges to increase their likelihood of success.

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Agile Project Selection from a Portfolio of Projects

This article describes an "Agile Scorecard" that can be used as a first pass filter for selecting Agile projects. The intention of the Agile Scorecard is to provide a simple manner in which projects can be reasonably selected by a project team that is unfamiliar with Agile methods.

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Impediments to Enterprise Agile

A continuation of the ideas introduced in “Enterprise Strategy for Introducing Agile,” Mar turns to the challenges organizations most commonly face when introducing agile or Scrum at the enterprise.

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The State of Git in the Enterprise: InformationWeek Survey Report

In January 2013, UBM Tech conducted the industry’s first survey on enterprise adoption for Git. This InformationWeek whitepaper summarizes key findings, and provides a decision guide for IT decision makers. Git topics addressed:
• Scope & type of Git projects
• Top concerns and promises
• Cloud versus on-premises use
• Workflows and code reviews