Sep 2016

Analyst Report

Forrester Report: Build the Right Software Better and Faster with Agile and DevOps Metrics

Agile and DevOps practices create new opportunities to measure team performance and application quality using fast feedback loops. Read this report to learn the measures that organizations are using to reflect the new realities of modern software delivery.

  May 2016

Analyst Report

Forrester Report: How to Build Better Software, Faster

Customers' growing expectations and increased competition compel application delivery leaders to look for ways to speed and scale software delivery across the board.

Forrester's modern application delivery assessment model helps them identify the barriers to scalable and expeditious software delivery and fine ways to eliminate them.

  Mar 2016

Analyst Report

Gartner Report: Making Sense of the Agile Methodology Wars

Agile has become a strong focus for many software development organizations, yet they oftentimes commit to the practice without fully understanding the trade-offs between various methodologies and frameworks. With a multitude of options continuously growing and evolving, it can be difficult to identify the best approach to take.

This 2016 Gartner analyst report identifies the top challenges organizations face when selecting an Agile methodology, and provides a breakdown of which business and organizational needs various Agile methods can serve the best.

  Nov 2015

Analyst Report

Best Practices: Adopt Open Source Software To Improve Development Effectiveness

Read the report to learn best practices for a controlled and conscious OSS adoption based on realistic expectations and articulated economic benefits.

  Jun 2015

Analyst Report

Gartner Report: CIOs' Frequently Asked Questions About Governance

Strategy and governance are two of the most important processes in any organization, yet most enterprises struggle to govern well. After talking with CIOs from over 300 companies, research has shown that organizations across industries share many of the same core questions and problems regarding governance.

This 2015 Gartner analyst report spells out the top 5 questions IT leaders have in the space, and shares Gartner's own best practices for each.

  Dec 2013

Analyst Report

CollabNet named a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Development Life Cycle Management

According to the 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Development Life Cycle Management, time-to-market pressure is driving the application development life cycle management market to evolve and expand.

  Sep 2013

Analyst Report

DevOps for a New Millenium

DevOps has evolved as a cross-functional, collaborative, and lifecycle- focused activity that spans the entire application lifecycle, rather than a point in time bridge between development and operations teams. This paper highlights the latest findings from EMA Research (Enterprise Management Associates), who has been researching this emergence of cross functional support and DevOps teams for several years. It elaborates on the key stages of this lifecycle approach to DevOps along with the stakeholders and transition responsibilities involved in each stage.

Download this whitepaper today to learn how taking a lifecycle approach to DevOps can help you break down organizational silos and accelerate software delivery.

  Feb 2013

Analyst Report

CollabNet Analyst Report Meeting the Challenge of Enterprise Cloud Development

A major transformation is underway. What historically operated behind firewalls is migrating to public and private Clouds. Across these interwoven Clouds, business solutions must interoperate, share data and deliver value to customers, suppliers and other business partners as the developing Boundary-free Enterprise™ emerges and evolves. Read this whitepaper to learn how to manage these multiple hybrid Clouds through ongoing, continuous delivery of new functionality and the integration of other Cloud solutions.