Sep 2015

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Enterprise Git Adoption with CollabNet TeamForge®

Do you know that leading enterprise development organizations worldwide increasingly believe that Git, the world’s leading distributed version control system (DVCS), represents an opportunity for speeding up the development process?

  Jun 2013


Enterprise Git

A recent survey confirms: Git has arrived in the enterprise. CollabNet’s Lothar Schubert discusses the survey, and “Git/Subversion” co-existence. Learn more at: TeamForge for Git

  Apr 2013

Data Sheet

Subversion Edge

CollabNet Subversion Edge provides the fastest and easiest way to deploy and manage Subversion servers, greatly reducing administration time and costs.

  Oct 2012

Data Sheet

CollabNet Conversion Services

The legacy product IBM Rational ClearCase increasingly is a liability for IT organizations. Many organizations modernizing their development and IT practices are moving from ClearCase to CollabNet TeamForge. CollabNet Services helps you migrate from ClearCase to TeamForge, at your own pace. We have helped tens of thousands of users successfully replace ClearCase with TeamForge, and we can provide you the confidence you need to embark on your migration.

  Aug 2012


NXP Semiconductor Securely Scales Git and SVN for Compliance

NXP is managing Git and Subversion with one common platform, integrating Android mobile development with traditional software projects. Learn more about Git and Subversion management at:

  May 2012


Case Studies and Testimonials

Playlist of CollabNet Customers & Partners

  Apr 2012

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Git for the Enterprise

With TeamForge, Git is ready for the enterprise.