CollabNet Enabling integrated collaborateive teams to enhance productivity and speed time-to-market

CollabNet services help FRACTURED development teams become more SEAMLESS and integrated

Collaborative Software Development

Services to help you consolidate and integrate software assets into a single Platform and deploy a community architecture that encourages a high-performance collaborative software development.


  • Enterprise Cloud Development Assessment: A formal assessment of your development processes and practices from all angles, including repository architecture, development process, development and IP practices and platform optimization.

Repository Centralization & Integration

  • Repository Centralization: Strategies and implementation for centralizing all distributed and disparate software lifecycle asset repositories.
  • Apache™ Subversion® / Git Applied workshops: Workshops focused on formulating your organization's needs for version control and configuration management. Learn More about the Subversion Applied Workshop and the Git Applied Workshop.

Community Architecture

  • Community Architecture: Design and deployment development community that incorporates governance, enhances third party software collaboration, and drives the IP reuse of standard practices and software.
  • Infrastructure Codification: The creation of infrastructure templates, as well as standardized on-boarding templates.
  • Enterprise Community Management: Onsite community management (full or part time) to establish activities and templates to plan, rollout, monitor and grow an enterprise development community.

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* Apache, Apache Subversion and the Subversion logo are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation. Subversion® is a registered trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.


Implement Continuous integration, Continuous Delivery and DevOps processes
Implement Continuous integration, Continuous Delivery and DevOps processes

Enterprise Agile Transformation

Providing expertise to address three different aspects of enterprise-scale Agile development - software development processes, software development practices and software engineering tools.

Agile Transformation Strategy

  • Agile Transformation: CollabNet has a fully formed strategy for helping organizations of all sizes evolve to be Agile Enterprises. See our transformation strategy.


  • Agile Assessment: A systematic approach for gauging Agile Adoption focusing on development practice and management process.
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Development Processes

  • Agile Process Coaching: Onsite coaching to help reinforce and roll out Agile processes.
  • Agile Development Coaching: Coding and requirements planning, estimations, SCM practices.
  • Process Codification: Recommendations and documentation of Agile and other mixed development processes to encourage the right set of common templates, frameworks and vocabulary are used internally.
  • DevOps: Establishment of formalized processes, methods and systems for communication, collaboration and integration between development and operations teams.

Development Practices

  • Continuous Integration: Design and implementation of a system for automation of build and test functions in the software development lifecycle.
  • Continuous Delivery: Design and implementation of a deployment pipeline that automates the process of delivering software for your mix of application frameworks and deployment targets.
  • Practice Automation: Deployment of tools, workflows, scripts and other aspects of the development platform that automate and enforce common Agile practices.

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TeamForge and CloudForge
Implementation of a Hybrid Cloud is cost effective, fast and elastic without exposing mission critical applications and data to third-party vulnerabilities. Includes Integration startegies into CollabNet's CloudForge

Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Expert consulting that provides a managed platform approach to help you maximize development flexibility while minimizing cost with a strategy that leverages the optimal mix of private and public cloud for development, test and deployment.


  • Cloud Platform Assessment: A detailed analysis of the customer’s internal and external cloud development and deployment strategy combined with recommendations for using CollabNet's products to orchestrate a hybrid cloud approach to maximize innovation and cost return from those platforms.

Cloud Adoption

  • Private Cloud: Design and integration of a private shared resource for internally managed and delivered applications development supporting continuous integration, delivery and DevOps.
  • Third-party Cloud Services: Design and integration of third party PaaS, IaaS and SaaS providers into and alongside your internal processes to create managed hybrid cloud application development, continuous integration, delivery and deployment.
  • CollabNet CloudForge: Optimizing the utilization of CloudForge - CollabNet’s instant-on and elastic development platform-as-a-service for project management, coding, build, test and deployment into multiple IaaS and PaaS cloud providers.

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