CollabNet Tools

Services to accelerate the evaluation, deployment and adoption of CollabNet tools that take advantage of the accumulated knowledge, thought leadership and best practices of CollabNet consultants.

Apache™ Subversion® Implementation

  • Artifact Migration: Migration of SCM assets into Subversion.
  • Server Configuration: Implementation of a secure high-availability SCM repository and server.
  • Admin Audit: Analysis of your current Subversion set up and validation of its configuration and administration practices against organizational requirements and Subversion best practices.
  • Applied Workshop: Assistance in formulation of a comprehensive strategy for version control and configuration management.

TeamForge Implementation

  • Project/Artifact Migration: Migration of SCM assets and defect / enhancement records from legacy systems into TeamForge.
  • Pilot Deployment: Assistance in planning and implementing the processes, structure and approach to ensure initial success with TeamForge.
  • TeamForge Jumpstart: Comprehensive installation and education of TeamForge with a fast start as a goal.
  • Lab Management: Implementation and integration of Lab Management to facilitate a cloud based approach to build, continuous integration, test and continuous delivery.

ScrumWorks Pro Implementation

  • Custom Reporting: Assistance in building custom reports as well as knowledge transfer on how to build such reports for your team and enterprise.

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Leverage a best-of-breed approach for end-to-end application lifecycle management

Point Tools Integrations

Expert advice and assistance that drives the integration of CollabNet tools with your existing development and deployment tools ecosystem.

  • CollabNet Certified: Implementation of off-the-shelf application lifecycle integrations built and certified by CollabNet to mission critical tools and platforms.
  • CollabNet Labs: Services to assist in the deployment and enhancement of Integrations which were inspired by our work with customers.
  • Community: Assistance in leveraging integrations into your application lifecycle that were contributed by the CollabNet community.
  • Partner: Assistance in leveraging and extending your IT investment by leveraging integrations built and distributed by CollabNet's large partner ecosystem.
  • Build Your Own: Assistance in leveraging our rich set of APIs using TeamForge Connect to build your own set of integrations to the CollabNet platform.

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Enterprise Cloud DevelopmentScale Enterprise Cloud Development to include private cloud, public cloud and CloudForge

Hybrid Cloud Integration

Integration of the optimal mix of cloud architectures including private cloud, public cloud and CloudForge dPaaS for application development, build, test and deployment for multiple application types and platforms.

  • Private Clouds: Integration of a private, shared resource for managed and delivered applications development supporting continuous integration, delivery and DevOps.
  • Public Clouds:Integration of third party PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS providers into and along side your internal processes to create managed hybrid cloud application development, continuous integration, delivery and deployment.
  • CollabNet CloudForge: Integration of CloudForge — CollabNet’s instant-on and elastic development platform-as-a-serivice for project management, coding, build, IaaS and PaaS cloud providers.

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* Apache, Apache Subversion and the Subversion logo are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation. Subversion® is a registered trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.