Collaborative Software Development

Integrate Fractured Teams

Software delivery is spreading across departmental, geographic and corporate boundaries, creating a proliferation of incompatible development tools, processes and external cloud usage. This proliferation is eroding the upside for the enterprise at large relative to overall development costs, visibility, and compliance standards.

Cloud based community architectures and centralized access and visibility to code and work repositories allow you to:

Embrace Cloud, Implement community architecture
  • Innovate faster with distributed coding and software delivery
  • Implement enterprise architecture standards and enable compliance across projects
  • Improve productivity through a community architecture and the reuse of shared software assets
  • Cut cost by reducing the number of applications, servers and administrators, and eliminating shadow IT
Enabling integrated collaborative teams to enhance productivity and speed time-to-market
CollabNet delivers an infrastructure that ties disparate tools, processes, platforms, and clouds together.

CollabNet, the pioneer of cloud-based open source development for the enterprise, provides leading solutions to drive community-based development for distributed organizations. Available on-premise with TeamForge, the Agile ALM platform for distributed development, or in our public cloud with the CloudForge development Platform-as-a-Service (dPaaS), which includes a variety of additional privately-managed and instant-on elastic public cloud services including hosted TeamForge, you’ll be able to quickly and effectively access a collaborative software development environment for even the most complex and distributed enterprises.

  1. Gain control of the valuable software assets that teams across the enterprise are building and maintaining by centralizing access and visibility via a common framework.
  2. Plug-in and collaborate using CollabNet and your favorite tools across the application lifecycle.
  3. Implement a community architecture that maps to your business lines and technology strategies to promote sharing across enterprise teams with facilities for search, security, collaboration, and data sharing.

CollabNet services can be instrumental in building your collaborative development environment. Our community managers and world-leading agile trainers work with you to establish a proven set of activities and templates to plan, rollout, monitor, and grow an enterprise community.