EventQ and Automate DevOps

EventQ and Automate DevOps

DevOps extends traditional enterprise development to continuous IT service delivery by establishing trust and collaboration between development and IT operations, and by making software release a repeatable, automated process. By implementing DevOps, enterprises can:

  • Automate Continuous Delivery and DevOps processes with complete traceability to improve productivity from individual projects to across the enterprise
  • Facilitate real-time collaboration between IT and development to enhance quality and throughput of applications
  • Establish common standards and protocols to ensure governance and reduce lifecycle costs

CollabNet has helped dozens of Fortune 500 companies worldwide to implement continuous delivery and DevOps, streamlining the application delivery pipeline through the stages of code, build, test and deploy. Our teams will help you implement a set of delivery and deployment capabilities based on your needs, ranging from daily web application updates to weekly/monthly iteration strategies for more structured enterprise SOA, embedded products, or ISV applications. Across this range, CollabNet’s products and services accelerate change for faster return and enforce governance for improved production safety.

Learn more about how TeamForge and CloudForge products and services can help:

  • TeamForge – Deploy an enterprise platform to centralize orchestration and traceability of your applications across your Dev and Ops teams.
  • Open Platform – Utilize TeamForge Connect to integrate TeamForge with Ops configuration management, server provisioning, operations orchestration, and application management tools to create enterprise wide collaborative DevOps capabilities.
  • OPs Partners – Leverage CollabNet’s DevOps technology and business partnerships with Opscode, HP, or your favorite operational management tools
  • CloudForge – Access CollabNet’s instant-on and elastic development Platform-as-a-Service (dPaaS), to connect to your favorite public IaaS and PaaS platforms for deployment.
  • Server provisioning – Use CollabNet Lab Management functionality to provide server and cloud deployment for approved configurations, on premise and in the cloud
  • DevOps Consulting – Integrate CollabNet’s Agile Transformation services team to scale Agile practices from the workgroup to the department to the enterprise.