Leverage the Hybrid Cloud

Maximize your flexibility and performance, and minimize your cost

Leverage the Hybrid Cloud

With a hybrid cloud environment, individual teams, departments and enterprises can manage some development and deployment resources on-premise or in a private cloud, and extend access to integrate, manage, and govern third party services from other privately managed or public clouds. The approach provides a way to customize deployment of compute assets based on the task at hand and on the specific needs of the enterprise. By using CollabNet’s hybrid cloud platform to orchestrate disparate development and deployment clouds across their public, private, and on-premise environments, an enterprise can:

  • Gain enterprise-wide development management into the myriad of run-time infrastructure being used by its organization
  • Increase IT agility and responsiveness
  • Reduce cost through shared and elastic infrastructure investments
  • Improve development productivity and faster time-to-market by sharing build, test, and deployment processes and standards

Building on our leadership in distributed development both onsite and in the cloud, CollabNet is uniquely positioned to assist companies in the implementation and orchestration of hybrid cloud environments for their applications development and deployment. Enterprises can embrace the cloud in a hybrid way at the pace you are comfortable with. CollabNet’s hybrid cloud solutions leverage:

  • CollabNet’s world-class tools for ALM and Agile Development within your enterprise
  • Enterprise-hosted services from CloudForge, CollabNet’s instant-on and elastic development Platform-as-a-Service (dPaaS)
  • Tie in third party PaaS, IaaS and SaaS services for build, test and deploy
  • Expert consulting and implementation

CollabNet’s hybrid cloud services connect CollabNet's on-premise products and our CloudForge dPaaS Platform. Our first hybrid cloud service, Subversion Edge CloudBackup, provides seamless data archiving, redundancy, and migration capabilities for any on-premise user of Subversion Edge, without leaving their own desktop environment.

CollabNet consultants work with you to deploy a strategy that leverages the optimal mix of private and public cloud solutions for development, test and deployment. The result is an environment that maximizes flexibility and performance, while minimizing cost.