Solutions for Embedded Systems

Increase productivity, quality, visibility, collaboration and reduce cost

embedded systemsEmbedded systems are pervasive in the modern world, finding their way into applications as diverse as cars, consumer electronics, thermostats, and industrial process controls. Despite their complexity, most people take their dependability almost for granted. Given extreme cost constraints, tremendous deployment scales, and the wide range of application domains, it is amazing that things work as well as they do. But as application complexity increases, more applications become safety critical, and more embedded systems are attached to the Internet, developers are under pressure like never before.

80% cost reduction of software developmentCollabNet can help. Our industry-leading solutions help leading manufacturers deliver on time and on budget. technology while increasing productivity by up to 50% and reducing the cost of software development by as much as to 80%.

Industry Challenges

Manufacturers of embedded systems are often in extremely competitive industries with diverse and distributed development supply chains, facing large cost, quality and time-to-market challenges.


As organizations seek to control costs to maintain margins, developer productivity and quality often suffer. Traceability of software assets and progress across development partners is very difficult, leading to elongated development cycles and IP governance risks.


CollabNet delivers a framework for automation and governance. Utilizing a robust ALM platform architecture, and optional hosted or on- premise implementation, embedded systems teams gain productivity, quality, visibility, and collaboration.

Featured Customer:

HP: Collaborative Development Program. Using CollabNet, HP is successfully collaborating with hundreds of business partners in the development of imaging and printing solutions.

CollabNet has brought our company's global development community together in ways we never thought were possible.