Our guest this quarter

Venkat Janardhanam Meet Venkat Janardhanam, our Director of Engineering who is all passionate about development and works towards making every application more interesting. He is all excited to talk about CTF 6.2. Check out his interview on interesting features of CTF 6.2 and what to expect in the future releases.

  • What are the significant areas of focus in CTF 6.2?
    Agile features, third-party integrations, reporting and incorporating innovation summit ideas into the product were the few areas we focused during this release. Compared to previous releases, we have also fixed more ‘Customer reported Issues’ in 6.2
  • What are the most sought after features brought live in this version?
    Key features of 6.2 are GIT and review board integration, code search using Black Duck tracker, reporting and datamart, Agile features like point  effort unit configuration for tracker and use story point in burn down chart, enabling multiple attachments and print preview. We have also improved fine grained doc permissions and support of wild card in path based permissions.
  • Can you comment on the improved performance scalability in 6.2?
    We have worked to improve the performance in the following areas:
    • Response time of tracker mass update
    • Response time of planning folder
    • Improved reporting home page
    • Performance of planning folder mass update
    • Search improvements
    • Paginate user role matrix page to improve performance
    The scalability with load balancing will be addressed in multiple releases but the initial prerequisite for this is to upgrade to JBoss 7.1 and is been worked with CTF 7.0
  • Where would the focus lie during the future CTF releases?
    Our primary focus would be on security and infrastructure improvements. In addition, future release would also focus on improving help documentation, introducing more agile features, providing better interface and Orchestrator integrations. Recently, we have also been partnering with consulting firms on niche skills and we are happy to see the pay-off beginning the 6.2 release. Quality is our key and we are continuously revisiting every process that will enable us to meet the delivery demands.