Supported Products

Products Currently Supported

Product Supported Version Download
CollabNet TeamForge CTF 8.1 & above Get CollabNet TeamForge
Apache Subversion 1.9 & above Get Apache Subversion
CollabNet Subversion 1.9 & above Get CollabNet Subversion
CollabNet Subversion Edge 5.1 & above Get CollabNet Subversion Edge
Git 2.6 & above Get Git
TeamForge Lab Management 2.8 & above Available on request
ScrumWorks ScrumWorks Pro 6.6 & above Get ScrumWorks Pro

CollabNet Certified Integrations

CollabNet Certified Integrations are for both technical and business users and are based on the TeamForge Connect – a standardized method to integrate vendor and home-grown software development lifecycle tools into the CollabNet Platform.


Product Supported Version Download
CollabNet Desktop – Eclipse Edition 4.6 & above Download
CollabNet Desktop – Visual Studio Edition 4.6 & above Download
CollabNet Desktop – Microsoft Windows Edition 4.6 & above Download
CollabNet Desktop – Microsoft Outlook Edition 4.6 & above Download
CollabNet TeamForge – HP ALM / Quality Center integration (CCF) 2.3.4 & above Download
CollabNet TeamForge to Atlassian JIRA® Integration 2.2 & above Download
CollabNet TeamForge Git integration 8.4 & above Download

Updated Retirement and Obsolescence Policy for CollabNet TeamForge (effective Feb. 17, 2016)

  • CollabNet is modifying its support policy with respect to current and legacy releases of TeamForge
    • This updated policy applies to current semantic versioning of TeamForge and prospective annualized versioning of TeamForge expected to be adopted starting in  2016
    • Last semantic version will be TeamForge 8.2 with general availability in February 2016

  • Full support for current TeamForge releases
    • CollabNet will provide full support for all semantic and annualized versions during the 12-month period following general availability of the respective version

  • Limited support for legacy TeamForge releases
    • CollabNet will provide limited support for all TeamForge releases older than 12 months but not older than 36 months
    • During this limited support period, CollabNet will continue to provide all support programs other than providing patches and fixes for the applicable releases – these will be provided at CollabNet’s discretion

  • End of Life
    • All TeamForge releases will move to End of Life (EoL) status 36 months after general availability
    • Once a release enters EoL status, Customer Support is provided on a time and materials basis at CollabNet’s discretion. Additionally, patches and fixes are provided at CollabNet’s discretion.

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