CollabNet TeamForge - System Administration Essentials

TeamForge System Administration Essentials prepares system administrators to perform the day to day tasks required to manage a TeamForge server, including; the setup and management of backups, troubleshooting and problem analysis and managing patches.

Topics Include:

Overview of a CollabNet TeamForge Installation

  • TeamForge Site Directory
  • TeamForge Installation Directory
  • Recreate Runtime

Backup and Restore

  • Backup of TeamForge Data
  • Restore Backup
  • Online Backups

Problem Analysis

  • Critical TeamForge Services
  • Status of TeamForge Services
  • Application Logs
  • JBoss Logs
  • HTTPD Logs
  • Integration Server Logs
  • SMTP Service Logs
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • Runtime Logs

Installing TeamForge Services Packs

  • Installation Procedure
  • Applying Patches
  • Reverting Patches
  • Removing Patches

Additional Tasks

  • Purging the “deleted_files” Data Directory
  • Changing the DNS or IP Address of Your TeamForge System


Duration: 4 hours*
Onsite1: $3,000
Online2: $2,500
Class Size: up to 12 attendees

System Administrators

* One continuous day (8 hours) minimum training is required for onsite training
1 Additional attendees: $300/attendee, with max of 15 attendees
2 Additional attendees: $250/attendee, with max of 15 attendees