Git for Developers - Hands on workshop - Enterprise (Onsite)

Git for Developers - Enterprise offers a hands on and complete introduction to Git. It’s scheduled on site, at your company, with your team. It includes topics on: DVCS fundamentals; Git basics like the repository, revisioning, history logs and workflows; Git work cycles with local and remote Git repositories; Git merging, branching and tagging, and best practices for Git especially in the enterprise setting. A hands-on lab is included with onsite delivery.

Topics Include:


  • Version control
  • Centralized vs. decentralized
  • Parallel development (non-branching)
  • Deltified storage vs. snapshot storage
  • About Git and its key features

Essential Concepts 1

  • Git basics
    • The Git repository
    • The HEAD, index and working tree
    • Revisioning
    • References
    • Git history
    • Git objects
    • Workflows
  • Standard work cycle
    • Working with Git locally
    • Working with a remote repository
  • Branching
    • Git branch
    • Git checkout
    • Git merge
  • Checkout vs. reset
  • .gitignore
  • Git cheat sheet
  • Git binaries and clients
  • Where to get help

Essential Concepts 2

  • Merging
    • Conflicts and resolution
    • Rebasing
    • Interactive rebasing
  • Tagging
  • Utility commands
    • Git bisect
    • Git stash
    • Git archive
  • Applying patches
  • Rename detection
  • Advanced options
    • Log history simplification
    • Git config
  • Git best practices
  • Advanced topics
    • gitattributes
    • Git reflog
    • Git garbage collector
    • Subrepos

Hands-on Lab

(only included with onsite class delivery)


Duration: 16 hours
Onsite1: $15,000
Class Size: up to 12 attendees

Configuration Managers

1 Additional attendees: $800/attendee, with max of 15 attendees