Git for Developers - Module 1 (Essential Concepts 1)

Our Git for Developers – Essential Concepts 1 course covers topics such as Git basics, team workflows, the local and remote workcycles, creating and merging branches as well as Git history and help. The purpose of Essential Concepts 1 is to introduce developers to Git and the foundational concepts involved in the typical usage of Git for software development. Concepts are first discussed in theory then demonstrated with a command line client.

Topics Include:

  • Git Basics
  • Team Workflows
  • Git Local Workcycle
  • Git Remote Workcycle
  • Branch Creation and Checkout
  • Merging Branches
  • Checkout vs. Reset
  • Git History
  • Help and More


Duration: 3.8 hours
On-demand: $299/attendee

Configuration Managers
and any other user of Git