Subversion Edge - Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

1. What is Subversion Edge? How is it different from Subversion®?

CollabNet Subversion Edge is a packaging of a complete certified stack of Apache, Subversion, and ViewVC along with a new browser-based graphical user interface for managing this stack. The installation is simple and all subsequent configuration is performed from the web browser. Subversion Edge keeps all of these components current with auto-updates delivered straight to your web browser and makes sure they all work together nicely.

2. Do I have to use the whole bundle?

No, but we only offer a single install option that installs the whole bundle. Once it is installed, you do not have to run the Subversion Edge web application, if you just want to use the Subversion binaries.

3. What are the minimum requirements for installation?

Subversion Edge is written in Java and requires a Java 6 runtime environment. The Windows installer will check that this JRE is present and install it if needed. For Linux, the JRE would need to be installed separately, if not already present. Other than that, it does not have high requirements. As a Java server app, it should ideally have about 512 MB of RAM available to it. Ultimately, the Apache Subversion server is likely to be a bigger driver of the hardware requirements of the server. Subversion Edge does not interfere with the performance of your Apache Subversion server. Ideally, it makes it run a little more efficiently by configuring and managing it properly.

4. What versions of Windows do you support?

TSubversion Edge is a server application, so we focus our certification process on Windows 2003 and 2008 Server editions. We support both 32- and 64-bit versions. Our developers and team also test on Windows XP/Vista/7 but we recommend you deploy the application in production on the Server editions of Windows.

5. What versions of Linux do you support?

We officially certify the application on 64-bit platforms running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x - 7.x and CentOS 6.x - 7.x. However, the application is packaged as a simple .tar.gz that you should be able to install and run successfully on any flavor of 64-bit Linux. Our developers use a mixture of Ubuntu and Fedora and the application works fine on all of these OS. We endeavor to work properly on all of these OS but we can only officially certify the distributions that our QA and Support teams have access to and support.

6. What versions of Solaris do you support?

FSubversion Edge 5.1.4 is the last release with Solaris support. We officially certify the application on Solaris 10u9 (sparc/x86). However, the application should run on any Solaris 10 platform provided the proper Java and Python requirements are met.

7. How much does it cost?

Subversion Edge is free and available as open-source software. Contact CollabNet VersionOne if you are interested in a commercial license for Subversion Edge.

8. How is the product licensed?

Subversion Edge is dual licensed under the open-source GNU Affero General Public License v3 (AGPLv3) and a commercial CollabNet license for partners that would like to integrate Subversion Edge into their proprietary offerings.

9. Does it work with other servers besides Apache?

No. Subversion Edge only supports the Apache Subversion option. There are no plans to support the svnserve server option. svnserve is a lightweight server that offers good performance, but it does not provide the features needed in an enterprise environment. If you do not want to use Apache, you could install Subversion Edge and then just use the binaries we provide.

10. Can I upgrade from my current installation of Subversion?

Yes you can easily upgrade from your current Subversion installation. We are tracking the documentation for this process in MigrationPath.

11. How many servers can I manage?

Subversion Edge can be used to manage a single Apache Subversion server. It lives on the same server as Subversion and sits beside it to provide a management console. If you have multiple Subversion servers to manage, consider upgrading to CollabNet TeamForge® which will allow you to manage several Subversion Edge servers all from a single UI.

Set Up

12. How do I install CollabNet Subversion Edge on Windows?

See the Windows installation instructions in the CollabNet Subversion Edge User Guide.

13. How do I install CollabNet Subversion Edge on Linux?

See the Linux installation instructions in the CollabNet Subversion Edge User Guide.

14. How do I install CollabNet Subversion Edge on Solaris?

See the Solaris installation instructions in the CollabNet Subversion Edge User Guide.

15. How do I configure the server?

The Subversion Edge User Guide explains how to set up the Apache server that hosts the Subversion repositories.

Community and Support

16. How do I report a problem or request a new feature? Where is your issue tracker?

We are in the process of moving our development team and assets from an internal project area to this project. When that process is complete, we will have an issue tracker available, as well as developer-oriented discussion forums. Until that time, we suggest you post issues to our user discussion forum. We will respond to your issues in the forum.

17. If I was part of the beta program, will I be able to upgrade from the Beta release to the GA release?

Yes. The auto-update mechanism within Subversion Edge will alert you to the new release and allow you to install it.

18. Is there an open source project already available?

Yes, you can find more infomation about the project on the Subversion Edge open source project home page.

19. Do you offer support or training?

Yes, we provide support and training offerings for Subversion Edge. Please click on the links for more information, or contact us.


20. Does it work with the TeamForge® platform or other ALM applications?

Yes, Subversion Edge works with TeamForge® 5.4 and later. You will be able to convert the Subversion Edge server to TeamForge® mode where it becomes controlled and managed by TeamForge®.

21. Does it work with ScrumWorks?

Not yet, but that is something we are looking at on our combined product roadmaps.

22. How do I use various Subversion hooks with Subversion Edge?

The Subversion hooks for your repositories are the same ones available for any Subversion server. As part of our release qualification process we tested how a user would setup and use some common Subversion hook scripts. These scripts all require the Subversion Python bindings and so this testing ensured we had packaged the bindings in a way they could be used easily from hooks. This information is provided as an example of setting up some fairly complicated hooks.

23. Can I still use my existing Subversion clients?

Yes. CollabNet Subversion Edge is server-side only, so your existing clients should continue to work just fine. CollabNet VersionOne offers Subversion Clients for Eclipse, Visual Studio, and Microsoft Windows.

Still Curious?

24. Where can I go if I've got other questions?

If you have additional questions, please visit our user forum, read our FAQs on the open source project, or contact us at

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