Achieve Breakthrough Performance with Agile & DEVOPS Including Lessons Learned from DISA


7:30 am - 8:30 am
Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Networking

8:30 am - 9:30 am
Agile Engineering Governance
Caleb Brown, Sr. Agile Engineer, CollabNet
Many people who explain agile software development often discuss project and planning practices, but hardly mention the development phase—as if actual development were an afterthought. In this insightful session, Caleb Brown drills into the real details of agile engineering challenges from an often ignored perspective.

9:30 am - 10:30 am
Enterprise DevOps at Scale
Karen Kwentus, Solution Architect for Application Release Automation, Automic Software, Inc.
Building a high performing DevOps organization requires change. Leading this transformation will require both a change in mind-set and the tools required to help you control your deployment operation’s environment and processes. Understanding the DevOps technology stack is essential. Automation is the key requirement for continuous integration servers, environment provisioning and configurations, all the way up the stack to your application layers.

10:30 am – 11:00 am
Securing the Software Development Lifecycle
Kelly R. Parker, President/CEO/Technologist at Noetic Strategies, Inc.
Noetic will focus on the intersection of cyber and software engineering. We recognize that security must be inherent in the requirements, design and process of software. We will outline how an intelligent strategy based on expertise, methodology and our unique products insures a secure software foundation. realizing the benefits of building software security in at all phases instead of as an afterthought when there is a problem. We will clearly demonstrate how software like TeamForge for instance is vital to business operations as a standard platform for application development, and further demonstrate how an application software framework can be customized, configured & secured to meet niche requirements beyond the agile software lifecycle management. And that software is no longer a component – it is the infrastructure that is required in order to operate on a day-to-day basis.

11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Jeff Reynolds, DISA Community Team Member,
Inner-Sourcing Software - What's New with is a family of services, enabling the collaborative development and use of open source, DoD community source and private software projects. Since its inception, has been growing to support the full system life-cycle and enable continuous collaboration among project managers, developers, testers, certifiers, operators, and users. If you are new to, come learn how it could be the right platform for you. If you already use, get to know exciting new and upcoming features.

Software for the Networked Warfighter - Lessons Learned from Join a member of the DoD DISA Community Team, Jeff Reynolds, as he presents practical customer case study testimonials. These case studies will focus on the development challenges that led to the selection of, the ongoing program management activities driving the usage of, and the resulting impact and benefits of to the organization.

Speaker Bios

Caleb Brown
Sr. Agile Engineer at CollabNet
Caleb has been working with Agile for more than 5 years. He works primarily with Agile from a software standpoint, which has given him a great deal of time to work with governmental agencies, integrators, and enterprise organizations looking to improve productivity with automation. As it turns out, most problems are too complex to solve with just software, so Caleb has worked with these companies to put sound agile engineering practices in place alongside appropriate tooling.

Karen Kwentus
Solution Architect for Application Release Automation, Automic Software, Inc.
Karen has been active in configuration and release management for the past 15 years, first working in the field automating build and release systems via batch/shell scripting,. In recent years Karen has switched to helping release & deployment teams move off their own DIY / manual processes towards enterprise-class automation so they can deliver upon what the business now demands: deploying new releases for an increasing amount of products more often and in shorter periods of time. Karen also works with executives to illustrate how improved application release automation helps to address the critical business need for application reliability, and the frightening risks that one bad release configuration could produce in regards to customer experience, public perception, and the bottom line.

Kelly R. Parker
President/CEO/Technologist at Noetic Strategies, Inc.
Ms. Parker is President and CEO of Noetic Strategies, Inc. She is responsible for the daily operations of all aspects of the company. In addition she is an active technologist and provides technical oversight ranging from technology research, software requirements and design, testing as well as project management services for her customers. Cyber security is a niche solution focus for Noetic, to include cyber systems engineering, cyber forensics, supply chain risk management, network security, intrusion detection, information assurance, privacy, etc. Computer security has been a technology focus for Ms. Parker for the past 6 years.

Overall, Ms. Parker has 20+ years’ experience in the software industry spanning all aspects of the software product lifecycle and all disciplines. She is proficient in software design and development, implementation of software engineering practices in development organizations, project and process management, strategic planning for software product lines and direct management of all disciplines within software development from programming to certification, documentation and support. Ms. Parker has successfully managed large interdepartmental software teams, including those that achieved ISO 9000 certification. Ms. Parker holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Management and Mathematics from the University of North Florida, and has pursued a Master’s Degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Alabama-Huntsville.

Jeff Reynolds
DISA Community Manager,
Jeff Reynolds is a member of the Community Management Team for DISA’s program. As one of the Community Managers, Mr. Reynolds serves as an integral contributor to the Program and user community. In his role as a core member of the community team, he is most directly involved with users on a day-to-day basis and best positioned to advise the Program on areas such as user requirements, best practices, & cost savings. He also provides support to the community, which include engaging with potential users, organizations and projects to build and grow the user community, to help them optimize their use of services, educating users through conferences, technical exchanges, advisory boards, webinars, demonstrations and briefings, develop training resources to help users quickly master the tool set provided within, and providing front-line support by answering user inquiries and troubleshooting issues.

Huntsville Marriott
September 25, 2013