Agile in Business Conference 2013

Session Title:

Devops Tug of War - A Case Study of CollabNet Engineering Challenges & Practices


60 minutes


Commercial software development teams that practice Agile are confronted with daunting challenges in optimizing operations.  In particular, the primary challenges faced are in shorter development sprint and bottle neck at QA gates for operations. The session will provide insight of DevOps building block and its business benefit. This session is focused on how CollabNet’s engineering and operations team is overcoming these challenges and thus delivering faster and with a much better fit to customer requirements.

CollabNet is a leading innovator in software development tools and in agile practices.  Its Chennai development facility collaborates with teams in the USA, South America and Europe on large, production-grade software development projects. Venkat will provide a real-life case study of how CollabNet leverages a unified collaborative infrastructure to drive practices like continuous integration and DevOps to meet customer requirements.


Venkat Janardhanam Director of Engineering, CollabNet

About the Speaker:

Venkat has experience in mentoring and managing large development project teams throughout the life cycle of the project. Venkat has worked in multiple methodologies from RUP to Agile. Venkat currently works at CollabNet as Director of Engineering responsible for delivery of TeamForge™ software that is an Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) product. Venkat constantly contributes to the agile transformation for the product development team who are distributed across the globe. 

Venkat has progressive experience from developer to architect to project management. Venkat is results-oriented IT strategist with extensive program and project management, coupled with a proven record of developing long-range strategies for business-aligned IT best practices and architectures, as well as building and nurturing customer relationships. Venkat utilizes cradle-to-grave program management techniques and forward-focus to develop standardized business models, substantially reducing business risks. Janardhanam Venkat has 20 years’ experience in software development industry.


Venkat holds MBA from Penn State in New Ventures and Entrepreneurship. Venkat also holds MS in Computing from University of North London UK and Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from Madras University.

The Raintree Hotel- Chennai, India
July 27, 2013