CollabNet Continues to Lead Enterprise Git Adoption with New On-Site Training Class for Developers and SCM Managers

CollabNet’s technical and services offerings help software organizations adopt and scale Git, Subversion and other SCM tools with centralized management

BRISBANE, Calif., March. 14, 2013 — CollabNet® (, the global leader for Enterprise Cloud Development, is now offering on-site training classes for enterprise Git adoption: Git for Developers and SCM Managers. The course provides in-depth training for software organizations that are adopting Git alongside Subversion® and other SCM tools, and results in a clear roadmap for implementing Git based on best practices. The new training class strengthens CollabNet’s support for Git in the enterprise, which already includes 24/7 technical support, centralized Git/Subversion management platforms in CollabNet TeamForge® and CloudForge™, and the industry’s first tamper-proof audit compliance and “history protection” capabilities for improved code safety.

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“CollabNet has enterprise customer deployments that have thousands of Git users alongside thousands of Subversion users. By leveraging our deep client experience with large-scale open source SCM, we have developed best practices that have been packaged into a set of training and applied workshops”, said Tony Farinaro, senior vice president of worldwide professional services, CollabNet. “These training offerings combine the fundamentals of SCM and DVCS with specific technical strategies to help customers manage the rapid adoption of Git and gain value within the unique requirements of an enterprise IT environment.”

CollabNet’s Git for Developers and SCM Managers is a one-day, on-site class conducted by experienced trainers with years of coaching and consulting experience. It includes eight hours of training for up to 12 participants, and is tailored to the needs of each organization. The course syllabus includes: SCM / DVCS fundamentals; Git basics (repository, revisioning, history logs, workflows); Git work cycles (with local/remote Git repositories); Git merging, branching, and tagging; and Git best practices for the enterprise.

CollabNet is the industry leader for global SCM support and success, delivering services to millions of developers using Subversion, CVS, Perforce and, now, Git. With the growing popularity of Git, CollabNet continues to innovate, offering the industry’s first enterprise-grade Git offering within its TeamForge and public cloud CloudForge platforms, and the only integrated offering of Subversion and Git. Through services and products, CollabNet continues to make Git a viable choice for enterprise IT organizations where the highest standards in support, security, availability and back-up are a “must” requirement.

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Press Release
March 14, 2013