CollabNet Embeds Black Duck Code Sight into TeamForge to Drive Productivity and Code Reuse across Git and Subversion

Combined solution drives developer productivity, simplifies discovery and sharing of code and development artifacts across code repositories, clouds and locations

BRISBANE, Calif., June 25, 2012 — CollabNet® (, a global leader for Enterprise Cloud Development and Agile ALM products and services, today announced it has embedded the Black Duck® Code Sight™ source code search engine into TeamForge®. Available in the new version of TeamForge that integrates Git and Subversion™ source code management (SCM) tools into a single platform, development teams now can discover and reuse code across repository boundaries. This dramatically boosts productivity for individual developers and global enterprise development organizations.

“Driving efficiency by giving developers a choice in the tools they use, and being able to reduce wasted time and re-work at the code level is vital to becoming a high-performing, agile software organization,” said Jim Ensell, chief marketing and strategy officer for CollabNet. “Embedding the Black Duck Code Sight code search engine, together with our combined offering of Git and Subversion, is a major benefit for organizations looking for a single SCM management and integration platform.”

Development organizations are under continued pressure to improve productivity and accelerate time-to-market, all while ensuring compliance. Code-reuse alone can make a significant improvement in achieving these goals. It is commonly accepted that projects created primarily from reused software take about one-fourth of the time and resources of those that are built from scratch. However, distributed code repositories and a lack of visibility into all available code assets hinder productivity improvements, particularly with Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS) and the use of multiple, hybrid SCM tools.

Black Duck Code Sight is a scalable source code search engine that indexes code across an enterprise and version control systems to provide developers with fast, easy access and visibility into code resources. Deeply embedded within TeamForge through CollabNet Connect, the combined solution enables code review across multiple SCM systems, expands permission management and significantly increases code quality and efficiency. For developers, it speeds and simplifies code discovery and search, while advanced filtering improves productivity for both developers and the enterprise.

“More and more software organizations find themselves using a completely heterogeneous set of tools to manage the entire software development and deployment lifecycle,” said Dave Gruber, director of developer marketing for Black Duck Software. “For managing source code, Git and Subversion are commonly used in tandem, making the availability of Code Sight within the new release of TeamForge very powerful, as teams have both the choice of which system to use and the ability to search and re-use code within either repository.”

For more information about the latest version of TeamForge that includes Black Duck Code Sight, please visit ( To learn more about the benefits of the integrated TeamForge/Code Sight solution, and the latest best practices for driving value from SCM, please join CollabNet and Black Duck executives during a free webinar on July 17. To register please visit (

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Press Release
June 25, 2012