CollabNet to Host Free Webinar Series on Five Steps to Achieve Enterprise Cloud Development

Next webinar to explain why community architectures are vital for Agile development


Jeff Reynolds
Director Community Management Services
CollabNet (

Reynolds is an experienced veteran at CollabNet, with more than 20 years of software development experience. He currently is director of community management services at CollabNet where he helps customers develop strong communities in their business enterprise.


“Community Driven Software Development - What you Need to Know”

CollabNet’s blueprint for Enterprise Cloud Development (ECD) maps out a path of five steps to success. In this second installment of the five-part webinar series, attendees will hear from one of the industry’s foremost experts on how to achieve ECD within their own organization. Attendees will learn how to leverage the centralization of their development assets. Participants will see first-hand an example of a software forge for collaborative application development and deployment. Reynolds will explain how a software forge facilitates organizational alignment and collaboration, for improved IT asset reuse and faster time to market. By organizing enterprise architecture, business- and technology lines into collaborative and hierarchical categories, companies also have increased program oversight, streamlined project launches, and simplified the off- and on-boarding of project staff. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session with an opportunity for participants to inquire about how to tap the power of Enterprise Cloud Development.


Wed., July 18, 10 a.m. Pacific



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Press Release
July 16, 2012