CollabNet to Host Free Webinar on Third Tenet of Enterprise Cloud Development - Codify Development Process

Webinar to explore process standardization in the age of Agile

WHO: Darryl Bowler
Senior Systems Architect, Services
CollabNet (

With more than fifteen years of IT experience, Bowler leads the consulting services business specializing in software development lifecycle build automation, deployment and DevOps. Bowler is an accomplished senior systems architect, specializing in emerging technologies and has extensive experience in network infrastructure, IT security, system management and engineering, and product and software development. 

Caleb Brown
Sales Engineer
CollabNet (

Brown, is an expert in introducing Agile software tools and techniques to mid-size and enterprise organizations who face complex and unique challenges. He has pioneered the use of both tools and services in order to establish a foundation of understanding about Agile software development, Application Lifecycle Management, cloud technologies and DevOps. In addition, he is a Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner.

WHAT: “Process Standardization in the Age of Agile”

CollabNet’s blueprint for Enterprise Cloud Development (ECD) maps out a path of five steps to achieve success. In this third installment of the five-part webinar series, attendees will hear from Darryl Bowler, a well-known expert on software lifecycle management and Caleb Brown, a Scrum teacher and practitioner. With tens or hundreds of software application projects, ad-hoc approaches to development and build are no longer viable. Bowler and Brown will explain to attendees a set of proven and governed development and continuous integration (CI) processes, for use to streamline software projects. Participants will see ways to increase project visibility and automate traceability across development, build and test.

WHEN: Thurs., Aug. 2, 10 a.m. Pacific


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Press Release
July 26, 2012