CollabNet Joins with Opscode for Automated Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps

Joint customer engagements lead to tangible speed-to-market benefits, and a continuing collaboration to help IT organizations improve lifecycle collaboration and automation

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 5, 2013, Agile2013 Conference, CollabNet, the leader for Enterprise Cloud Development, and Opscode, the foundation for the coded business, today announced new collaboration based on a growing number of successful joint-customer engagements. New initiatives include CollabNet implementation services that support an integrated TeamForge ALM and Chef IT automation offering for Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps, and TeamForge Recipes and Cookbooks for Chef. CollabNet and Opscode also will continue its work to further integrate TeamForge and Chef, enabling developers and IT managers to streamline the provisioning of infrastructure and application resources within an open application lifecycle management (ALM) framework.

“The promise of Agile and DevOps within the enterprise requires a blend of cross-functional collaboration and the automation of processes that empower teams to speed the delivery of quality software,” said Bill Portelli, co-founder and CEO for CollabNet. “CollabNet has worked with Opscode on several customer engagements to extend Agile-based ALM initiatives into DevOps practices. The positive results and experience gained has led to new service offerings and stronger technical alignment of the TeamForge and Chef platforms.”

CollabNet and Opscode are committed to transforming software development and delivery into a process that is automated, repeatable and highly collaborative. The power of Opscode Chef with TeamForge lies in enabling development teams to proactively and quickly move valuable software code into production within an increasingly diverse IT environment that is connected to the public, private and hybrid cloud. The combination of TeamForge and Chef provides teams the end-to-end capability – from user story through deployment – to rapidly provision Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines. It tracks all activities to provide the cross-function traceability needed to integrate these faster release processes directly into large-scale, enterprise ALM initiatives. The TeamForge Recipes and Cookbooks for Chef provide re-usable configurations and policies to simplify the build and management of software release pipelines.

“The beauty of Chef is how it complements and adds value to so many different platforms within the Opscode partner ecosystem,” said Mitch Hill, CEO, Opscode. “Our work with CollabNet adds a layer of automated provisioning that empowers developers to create consistent, repeatable and enterprise-wide practices for releasing software faster within the highly collaborative TeamForge ALM platform.”

CollabNet’s collaboration with Opscode, and its expertise with Chef, complements its open approach that allows enterprise IT organizations to use the very best tools available. With Opscode Chef, CollabNet continues to extend the DevOps capabilities of its TeamForge ALM platform, having recently launched Orchestrate for cross-function integration and traceability, and its partnership with IT process automation company Automic (formerly UC4).

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About TeamForge

CollabNet TeamForge is the industry’s most complete Federated ALM platform for developing and deploying applications by distributed teams. Enterprise IT organizations use TeamForge to manage multiple technology processes, commercial and open source tools, and deployment applications through a flexible, hybrid model of both cloud and on-premise options. The new TeamForge Orchestrate module provides a centralized system of record for ALM activities and cross-function data flow to bridge IT silos. It provides cross-functional ALM traceability – presented in an intuitive graphical interface – that improves developer productivity, increases visibility and predictability for managers, and allows IT organizations to automate and scale enterprise-wide collaboration regardless of tool, cloud, process or location.

About CollabNet

CollabNet is a leading provider of Enterprise Cloud Development and Federated ALM. With more than 10,000 global customers, the company provides a development platform and services to address three major trends disrupting the software industry: Agile, DevOps and hybrid cloud development. CollabNet TeamForge® ALM, ScrumWorks® Pro Agile project management, and Subversion Edge and Enterprise Git source code management can be deployed separately or together, in the cloud or on-premise. CloudForge® enables cloud development through a flexible platform that is team friendly, enterprise ready and integrated to support TeamForge and leading third-party tools. CollabNet complements its technical offerings with industry leading consulting and training services for Agile and cloud development transformations. Many CollabNet customers improve productivity by as much as 70 percent, while reducing costs by 80 percent. For more information, please visit

About Opscode Chef

Opscode’s pioneering software, Chef, is an open-source automation platform built specifically for the coded business. Chef is based on one key insight: What can express users knowledge of their IT infrastructure and also put that knowledge into action? Code can. With Chef, users model evolving IT infrastructure and applications as code. Chef makes no assumptions about environments or users’ approach to infrastructure and process. The result? Infrastructure becomes testable, versioned and repeatable – all as part of an agile software delivery pipeline.

Opscode Chef is available as both on-premise and hosted versions, and as Open Source Chef. Open Source Chef is a freely available, open source Chef server that provides the basis for the on-premise and hosted commercial versions. For more information, please go here.

About Opscode

Opscode is the provider of Chef, the automation platform for the coded business. Opscode Chef provides the speed, flexibility, and efficiency to compete in the digital economy. By modeling IT infrastructure and application delivery as code, Chef empowers businesses of all sizes to easily scale to meet demand, eliminate down time, manage complexity, and accelerate time to market.

Press Release
August 05, 2013