CollabNet Launches CloudForge, Industry’s First Enterprise-Grade Development-Platform-As-A-Service (dPaaS)

CloudForge enables software development teams to develop and deploy in seconds, using a hybrid mix of tools, application frameworks and deployment clouds

BRISBANE, Calif., April 30, 2012 – CollabNet® (, a global leader for Enterprise Cloud Development and Agile ALM products and services, today announced CloudForge™, a new development-Platform-as-a-Service (dPaaS) that helps distributed teams and enterprise IT organizations adopt, manage and scale cloud-based development activities using a hybrid mix of tools, application frameworks and deployment clouds. For teams, CloudForge provides ease-of-use, instant access to popular development tools, integrations with cloud services and one-click deployment to public PaaS or private datacenters. For IT organizations, it provides centralized role-based security, automated backups, visibility and compliance needed to code, connect and deploy software applications within a hybrid mix of public, private and on-premise cloud environments. CollabNet also announced that its on-premise TeamForge® and Subversion Edge installations seamlessly integrate into CloudForge.

“Rapid developer adoption of cloud-based services has enabled companies of all sizes to build and release new categories of software, including mobile, local and cloud-based applications, without assuming the upfront capital costs associated with supporting requisite new IT,” said Guy Marion, vice president and general manager for CollabNet Cloud Services. “As cloud development matures, CloudForge addresses the glaring need for a secure, flexible and scalable platform to help enterprises gain control of and benefit from hybrid cloud development.”

CloudForge represents the industry’s first enterprise-grade dPaaS offering, and underpins CollabNet’s strategy to lead the adoption and growth of Enterprise Cloud Development. It provides code repository hosting (Subversion and Git), access to hosted and third-party Agile tools, and facilitates the deployment of applications to public and private cloud environments. It uniquely extends to and integrates with on-premise applications like TeamForge, Subversion Edge and leading commercial and open source tools, or to affiliated cloud platforms like Cloud Foundry and SOASTA. This mix of hybrid cloud and lifecycle capabilities enables development teams to leverage the power of Agile processes and DevOps initiatives – while providing the enterprise with a centralized view of productivity, cost management and compliance.

“Having a flexible platform to quickly build and ramp up a cloud development program has helped our company become more agile and responsive to the market,” said Rahul Subramanian, managing director for DevFactory, a Trilogy company. “CollabNet and its CloudForge platform provide a much needed development and deployment front-end to the IaaS and PaaS offerings that are available today – our developers love it and it provides the visibility and control we need to run the business.”

CloudForge is an entirely new platform that is built upon the industry leading Codesion® cloud development framework that more than 4,000 global customers use daily. It is more than a year in the making and leverages CollabNet’s extensive experience building development communities and helping enterprise IT organizations manage complex distributed team environments. While CloudForge offers an easy, flexible and low-cost “on-ramp” to cloud development, it is 100 percent enterprise-ready, with the high availability, backup, compliance, security, user management and support expected from a world-class cloud offering.

“By partnering with CollabNet, CloudForge provides a front-end development platform that provides easy access to the Cloud Foundry™ PaaS environment – whether hosted in the public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise environment,” said Jerry Chen, vice president, Cloud and Application Services at VMware. “With CloudForge, CollabNet is bringing cloud development and Cloud Foundry to the enterprise in a way that makes sense for development and operations teams, and provides a centralized platform for executives.”

Starting today, CollabNet is making CloudForge Cloud Services accessible from within all of its products, including its TeamForge ALM and Subversion Edge SCM platforms. Initially, the new Subversion Edge CloudBackup service provides seamless Subversion data archiving, redundancy and migration capabilities for any on-premise user of Subversion Edge or TeamForge, without leaving their own desktop environment. Future hybrid cloud services will become available later in 2012 within Subversion and TeamForge, and may range from elastic server provisioning for build and test, to data analytics services and access to knowledge communities.

The CloudForge hybrid cloud development platform includes the following capabilities:

  • Collaborative UI: A newly designed user interface that promotes open, collaborative development in the cloud and for the cloud, with an emphasis on sharing, speed, simplicity and built-in training.
  • Developer Feed: Aggregates development activities in real time through a streaming, searchable dashboard for easy reference and data access.
  • Reporting Center: Provides centralized visibility for development managers and IT administrators with a focus on project performance against milestones, coding progress and system/access logs.
  • CollabNet App Center: Building and managing a cloud development platform is easy through two “App Zones,”
    • My Services – provides easy-to-provision development services included within the CloudForge Public Hosting plan, including SCM (Subversion, Git and CVS), trackers (Trac, Bugzilla and DAV) and Agile ALM (ScrumWorks® Pro and TeamForge) tools. Integrated services include basic (Basecamp, Pivotal, FogBuzz and Lighthouse) and premium (JIRA, Rally and VersionOne) levels.
    • Marketplace – additional add-on services may be purchased through the CollabNet partner ecosystem, including: Cornerstone, ALMWorks, BrainEngine, SOASTA, New Relic and Zendesk.
  • Hybrid Cloud Deployment - Includes one-click deployment to public PaaS or private datacenters

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CloudForge is being rolled out as part of CollabNet’s corporate re-launch and alignment to support Enterprise Cloud Development. It is currently available for free public beta by visiting CloudForge will be commercially available, with full enterprise support, starting later in the second quarter of this year.

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CollabNet is a leading provider of Enterprise Cloud Development and Agile ALM products and services for software-driven organizations. With more than 10,000 global customers, the company provides a suite of platforms and services to address three major trends disrupting the software industry: Agile, DevOps and hybrid cloud development. Its CloudForge™ development-Platform-as-a-Service (dPaaS) enables cloud development through a flexible platform that is team friendly, enterprise ready and integrated to support leading third party tools. The CollabNet TeamForge® ALM, ScrumWorks® Pro project management and Subversion Edge source code management platforms can be deployed separately or together, in the cloud or on-premise. CollabNet complements its technical offerings with industry leading consulting and training services for Agile and cloud development transformations. Many CollabNet customers improve productivity by as much as 70 percent, while reducing costs by 80 percent. For more information, please visit (

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April 30, 2012