CollabNet Offers Free Scrum Training E-Learning Modules

Videos provide software practitioners and stakeholders with practical and useful knowledge needed to successfully adopt Agile practices

DALLAS (Agile2012 Conference), Aug. 15, 2012 — CollabNet® (, a global leader for Enterprise Cloud Development and Agile ALM, today announced the availability of its Scrum Training Series of free online e-learning modules. The interactive modules, which include embedded quizzes to reinforce learning, are written and presented by Michael James, a CollabNet Software Process Mentor and Scrum Trainer. The modules are based on years of firsthand Agile experience, training and consulting engagements by CollabNet trainers and coaches. Further elaboration of these ideas can be found in Angela Druckman’s recently launched book, 30 Days to Better Agile: Effective Strategies for Getting Results Fast Using Scrum.

The six-part Scrum Training Series is designed to increase the overall understanding of Agile practices across an entire organization, and helps to link the business owners to the technical teams delivering software that improve business performance. The modules are helpful for everyone, from developers, testers and IT operations, to marketing, sales, human resources and other stakeholders within the software-driven enterprise. This broad level of knowledge and understanding is critical to the successful adoption of Agile-based methods that impact virtually all aspects of daily business operations. The modules are available at (

“These interactive training modules are for anyone working within a software-driven organization. For people just starting with Scrum the modules serve as a great introduction, while for some people already familiar with Scrum the modules may clear up common misconceptions that often limit success. We did our best to make the modules entertaining for both technical and non-technical people,” said CollabNet’s James. “CollabNet’s roots are in the open source movement, and in keeping with that tradition we designed the modules to appeal to everyone, be free of charge and to help the broadest number of people within an organization.”   

The Scrum Training Series training modules are a major addition to CollabNet’s strategy to drive enterprise Agile success, supplementing its ScrumWorks Pro Agile project management tool, TeamForge Agile ALM platform and world-class training and consulting services. The videos are fun and engaging through the use of animation, and provide a solid outline of what more thorough Scrum training entails should an organization decide to move forward. They are a great first step in adopting Agile and Scrum to improve software delivery.

This video series provides a comprehensive introduction to Scrum and Agile techniques through six core Scrum tenets, including: 1) Introduction to Scrum; 2) Backlog Refinement Meeting; 3) Sprint Planning Meeting; 4) Daily Scrum Meeting; 5) Sprint Review Meeting; and, 6) Sprint Retrospective Meeting. Important concepts include: iteration, most important features first, continually inspecting and adapting, definition of “done,” and reducing items to a manageable scope.

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August 15, 2012