CollabNet Outlines Five Principles of Enterprise Cloud Development in Animated Video Scribe

CollabNet outlines a five-step blueprint for embracing Enterprise Cloud Development as the next evolution in software development and deployment

BRISBANE, Calif., May 16, 2012 – CollabNet® (, a global leader for Enterprise Cloud Development and Agile ALM products and services, has created an animated video scribe that succinctly outlines five principles IT organizations can use to adopt and scale cloud development practices. CollabNet worked collectively with its internal experts, cloud platform partners and enterprise customers to develop a practical roadmap for Enterprise Cloud Development that addresses the cultural, technical and process aspects of cloud development and how it extends the value of Agile and DevOps in the enterprise.

Animated video scribes are fun, highly engaging presentations that highlight and simplify often complex concepts through the use of visual and audio learning queues. Through a blend of audio storytelling and professional animation, video scribes help magnify and reinforce key learning points for enterprise and industry organizations. To view CollabNet’s video scribe, Five Steps to Software Development and DevOps in the Hybrid Cloud please visit: (

“The rate or change and the accompanying complexity within the IT industry can be overwhelming, especially within the software development and cloud computing industries,” said Jim Ensell, chief marketing and strategy officer for CollabNet. “We challenged ourselves to outline the core principles of Enterprise Cloud Development in five practical steps and to detail them within a fun and engaging video scribe that runs just more than three minutes.”

Based on its years of experience and patterns of customer success, CollabNet has outlined a blueprint containing five practical steps to guide organizations on their path to Enterprise Cloud Development as they adopt hybrid cloud IT into the application development and deployment lifecycle. The steps include: 1) embrace the cloud for centralizing access and visibility to tools and processes; 2) create a robust coding community to encourage reuse; 3) codify development processes by standardizing tools, workflows and processes; 4) automate DevOps practices; and 5) take a hybrid approach by leveraging public and on-premise private cloud resources in a secure, compliant and optimal way.

In addition to the video scribe, CollabNet has developed additional videos and a white paper that outlines in more detail the principles of Enterprise Cloud Development. All of the content is available free by visiting (

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Press Release
May 15, 2012