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CollabNet VersionOne Announces New Release of its VS Solution, an Innovative Offering that Enables Organizations to Achieve Enterprise Value Stream Management

SAN DIEGO – Agile 2018, August 6, 2018CollabNet VersionOne, a global leader in enterprise value stream management, ALM, agile management, Git version control and DevOps, announces the latest release of its VS solution. This release enables organizations to establish and practice Value Stream Management (VSM) at the enterprise level for software development and delivery.

This new release of VS makes enterprise VSM feasible and achievable by overcoming industry barriers to establishing a value stream model. Existing barriers of current tools can be summed up as a struggle and incapacity to scale agile and extend DevOps across the enterprise. These barriers and limits are caused by disconnects across planning, version control and underutilization of DevOps for rapid innovation. Those major disconnects raise risk and cost. Therefore, customers want to eliminate them and advance to the next level, which is possible with Enterprise Value Stream Management.

VS removes those barriers and struggles. Customers can scale agile, apply DevOps orchestration and business intelligence and take advantage of Git across the enterprise to align software development and delivery processes with business goals.

“This release is significant because organizations want to establish VSM to be competitive in the next wave of digital transformation that will demand more speed, quality, efficiency and market alignment,” said Flint Brenton, CEO at CollabNet VersionOne, “But they lack a solution for effective VSM at the enterprise scale. We solve that.”

“There’s no other way to benefit from enterprise VSM than by tapping into the full promise of scaling agile and DevOps orchestration. VS enables that due to its unique way of bringing together planning, Git version control and DevOps to close the gaps and remove barriers to smooth value streams that span the enterprise,” said Brenton.

Well known subject-matter expert and technologist Eric Robertson, who leads product marketing management at the company explains further, “Our innovation in VS is ahead of the pack. It lets organizations establish enterprise VSM that is anchored by transparent software development and delivery that is aligned with the broader operations of the business. Our VS solution frees businesses to innovate with confidence, which is vital for digital transformation.”

VS Availability and Solution 

VS is generally available.  Deep innovation lies in VS features that let users scale agile and connect planning, Git version control and DevOps into transformative value streams, allowing the business to measure the throughput of software value to the business.

This release of the VS solution is comprised of VersionOne and its new features for scaling agile, TeamForge SCM for Git enterprise version control and Continuum for DevOps orchestration and rapid innovation.  Together, with other capabilities such as tool-chain integration, analytics and governance, development teams gain flexibility and visibility into planning and managing their software development and delivery processes across the lifecycle. The company’s expertise in training and consulting combined with the technology enables the VS solution to deliver enterprise VSM.

“I’m proud of this solution and honored to announce it on this anniversary of CollabNet and VersionOne becoming one organization and advancing our industry,” added Brenton. “I invite all leaders who want to learn more to meet us and share your Agile, DevOps and enterprise VSM challenges and objectives.”

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CollabNet VersionOne is exhibiting this week at the Agile 2018 conference at the Marriot Marquis San Diego. For a demonstration of VS, please visit booth #101. For more information about the conference, please visit:

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CollabNet VersionOne is the Enterprise Value Stream Management leader that accelerates high value software development and delivery, while improving quality and reducing risk. Our offerings provide global enterprise and government market leaders a cohesive solution, spanning idea through delivery, that enable them to capture, create, deliver and measure the flow of business value throughout their application development lifecycles.

CollabNet VersionOne is a Vector Capital Company.

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