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CollabNet VersionOne Value Stream Management Solutions Help Teams Meet and Exceed Agile and DevOps Business Objectives

Enterprise Value Stream Management enables CollabNet VersionOne customers bridge software delivery and business value with latest release

ATLANTA – February 27, 2019CollabNet VersionOne, a global leader in Enterprise Value Stream Management, Agile management, Git version control and DevOps, today announced the latest release of its product suite. New capabilities to VersionOne for Agile Management, Continuum for DevOps and TeamForge for secure development and CI, all support Value Stream Management to better align business objectives with software innovation.

“We are pleased to introduce new features and functionality for our entire family of solutions that help organizations practice Value Stream Management and seamlessly scale Agile and DevOps transformations,” said Flint Brenton, CEO at CollabNet. “2018 was a breakout year for Value Stream Management as more of the world’s greatest software innovators adopt this model to ensure they deliver value that matters most to customers and benefits the business.”

The Winter 2019 Release, promotes a theme of intelligent collaboration and productivity. In addition, this new release with VersionOne, the company’s award-winning solution for scaling enterprise Agile, TeamForge, a secure development and CI platform and Continuum, the company’s intelligent release management offering, also strengthens and reinforces CollabNet VersionOne’s Enterprise Value Stream Management offering.

Strategically, this release provides additional capabilities for business leaders across IT and operations to look at the entire scope of their development pipeline, optimizing value not only in the development stages, but going much further in mapping value through strategic planning, budgeting, road mapping, release and iteration planning all the way to release automation and deployment.

New enhancements around intelligent feature and work visibility in this release include:

  • Template creation of re-occurring portfolio initiatives, or common work in feature development; which reduces mistakes and errors when generating portfolio items and associated work items.
  • Epic/Feature awareness adds a level of intelligent tracking of a workitem such as a story or defect in VersionOne, Jira, and Visual Studio Team Services and automatically link that work item to a parent epic/feature trace that is traceable downstream across your entire DevOps tool chain through delivery.
  • Tighter integration between VersionOne and Continuum allow for more advance intelligent value stream scenarios that boost productivity across teams. For instance, the ability to prevent a member for promoting or deploying code, ability stop moving forward on build if the user story is not ready, or failed compliance checks, or the ability to have automated activities configured to execute at a time in the future, instead of instantly.
  • TeamForge baselining which adds a huge productivity enhancement for users to create a project from an approved project baseline, which can contain tracker artifacts, document versions, file releases, source code files, and/or binaries that are part of the selected baseline.  Also, a new baseline association feature that provides the ability to associate source code commit files to Jira workitems.
  • Managed Replica Servers which allow users to manage all replica server/repository associations for a project in one view; this saves time as there is no need to configure replicas for each repository individually.
  • Enhanced Git Code Reviews which keeps track of files that have already been reviewed; this helps improve CI/CD productivity and security when a change under review contains changes to many files and touch points.

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These updates to the CollabNet VersionOne product family were customer driven and seek to better meet the needs of today’s software organizations that are driving change through enterprise business agility and value stream management.

Enterprise Value Stream Management provides a holistic approach to application development and delivery by applying the principals of Agile-plus-DevOps to the entire product delivery pipeline. The practice of Enterprise Value Stream Management has had a significant impact on some of the world’s largest organizations and with the help of CollabNet VersionOne, brands are able to transform the trajectory of their business all by aligning software development and delivery with business objectives.

Solutions like VersionOne, Continuum and TeamForge enable organizations to reap the benefits of Value Stream Management.

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