emotive Connect for TeamForge (TeamForge2Go)

Stay connected to your development projects on your terms

emotive provides a platform for developers to build and deploy efficient, secure, scalable and collaborative mobile applications. Because most mobile development tools are limited in scope and breadth, CollabNet partnered with emotive to create a rich, end-to-end developer experience for the TeamForge platform. The new application supports CollabNet's strategy to extends the convenience and collaborative benefits of their agile lifecycle management tools to a mobile channel.

emotive Connect for TeamForge (aka TeamForge2Go) allows users to instantly interact with their critical artifacts from their mobile device. Users search for artifacts by tracker type, drill down by planning folder, filter by status, sort by data fields. TeamForge2Go presents artifact data graphically and textually making it simple to understand and efficient to update on the smaller form factor. This simple mobile experience drives your agile lifecycle by keeping your team informed and your backlog at bay.

Why CollabNet and emotive?

Developers, project managers, and team members interact with their TeamForge instance, whether hosted or on-premise, on their mobile devices. Emotive’s cloud uses TeamForge’s existing Web Service API’s to efficiently bundle and securely transfer data to devices even over the slowest connections. TeamForge2Go presents your artifact data graphically and textually using a user experience consistent with your native device. Need more? Developers can also access the emotive platform to extend the product or develop their own mobile applications.

Stay Connected and Informed

  • Access and update your tracker artifacts directly from your mobile device.
  • Keep up to date with what your team within various iterations and release process.
  • Never miss a change in tracker status or priority.

Work More Efficiently

  • Track and communicate project status from wherever you are whenever you have a free minute.
  • Update your tracker’s status with the push of a button, the swipe of a screen, or the sound of your voice.
  • Save time and energy by getting simple work done in the simplest possible way.

Get Ahead and Stay There

  • Visualize project critical metrics across your planning folders to match your methodology.
  • Know your backlog and avoid blocking your team during the development process.
  • Efficiently communicate so you can spend more time developing software.