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JIRA and CRM: Instant Collaboration

The Go2Group CRM Plugin provides tighter collaboration between support teams and sales teams. Support and sales teams work hand-in-hand, even when working in different environments. The Go2Group CRM Plugin returns the focus to your clients, integrating JIRA with Salesforce or SugarCRM. Go2Group, a Platinum Atlassian Expert, designed the CRM Plugin to display customer data in a JIRA ticket and JIRA issues in a Salesforce or SugarCRM screen, sharing timely knowledge between two otherwise disparate teams. A typical use case is an interaction among three different groups where the CRM Plugin is used to keep everyone in sync even while using their same systems.

  • Customers use as their helpdesk portal and submit a case
  • Support Team uses Salesforce as their first-level support tool to review request
  • TeamForge Developers use JIRA for software dev issue tracking and resolution

Nothing is required to install on the CRM system. It is common for users to create custom buttons to link / sync cases to JIRA or to list issues linked to a Salesforce record.

Why CollabNet VersionOne and Go2Group?

With CollabNet TeamForge’s support of JIRA, users of JIRA tracker functionality can collaborate more effectively, both with TeamForge users and amongst themselves. The Go2 Group CRM Plugin brings in the front-line support and the direct customer (end-user) into the DevOps flow. The integration supports Atlassian JIRA V4.0 or newer, Salesforce Enterprise, Unlimited and Professional Editions, SugarCRM, V5.1.0a or newer, and while additional customization may be needed, Go2Group can provide a stored procedures list for any database-driven CRM system.

Data Synchronization

  • Bi-directional support: Keep comments, attachments, and other artifacts in sync across JIRA and your CRM system
  • Many-to-One Linkage: Link multiple cases in to a single issue in Atlassian JIRA
  • Configured to automatically push Salesforce support cases to JIRA issues

Configurable Workflow

  • Recognizes that sales and support teams use different business workflows
  • Keep each process intact with customizable field mappings, flexible configuration
  • Triggers and Polling allow manual processes to be automated

Be Secure

  • User access is between authorized users via the internal systems login mechanism, ie, user IDs and passwords (or other secure mechanism) are passed within the encrypted channel
  • Data exchange is done via recommended Salesforce security checks to prevent any spoofing attempts
  • Requests ONLY come from the Salesforce application over an encrypted (SSL) established connection between the two systems

About Go2Group


Go2Group was founded in 2002 with the core belief that best practices in change management provide the foundation for an efficient and agile software development environment. This belief remains as the fundamental practice behind Go2Group’s services and products today, extending change management standards into other innovative software systems.

From consultation and implementation to training and support, Go2Group experience lies with untangling complex environments consisting of configuration, requirements, build andwork flow management, defect tracking, and test automation systems.

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