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Make the Whole ALM Process Enforceable

Today's short cycles of Agile and Traditional software development requires continuous integration (CI), sound testing, and continuous verification of the code. By automating these back-end activities, IKAN ALM provides an incrementing refresh frequency, which can be incorporated into daily development tasks in TeamForge, eliminating bottlenecks in feedback cycles. A tailored life-cycle process from development, test, quality assurance and production can be easily defined, implemented and enforced, offering a framework across all major platforms including Windows, UNIX, Linux and IBM mainframe systems.

Build Facilities - Supports Traditional and CI Build methods. Builds can be full or partial or can be tag based. A Build can be initiated by the Scheduler, can be forced or on request. Once a Build is done a Build can be delivered to a test or production environment. If necessary a previous version can be restores by using the rollback facility.

Deploy Facilities - Reuse a previous build or a new build can be executed before a deployment. Deploy is used to setup Quality Assurance Test Levels or Production Levels.

Approval and Notifications - Trigger verification after an approval when delivering to a Test or Production Level. It adds an extra condition such as Pre-Approvals or Post-Approvals created when delivering a Level Request to the next Level in the Lifecycle. Notifications are sent after a successful or failed Build or Deploy or an approval.

Why CollabNet VersionOne and IKAN?

IKANALM has an open architecture, where developers can keep on using the development environment of their choice. The only thing IKANALM expects developers to do is to submit their source code to a versioning system. CollabNet TeamForge manages development activities and provides traceability between all artifacts including requirements, issues, code commits, build/test results, file releases, documents, and more. IKANALM complements the CollabNet VersionOne development activities with Lifecycle, Build and Deploy facilities and bridges as such the gap between development testing and operations. The IKANALM plug-in makes it possible to exchange Build and Deploy information with TeamForge Tracker so artifact statuses are updated and a link to the IKANALM Build or deploy information is included. IKANALM users will see what artifacts are solved for each Build or deploy.

Open Architecture

  • Built to be environment and platform independent
  • Leverage predefined solutions (SAP, HP ALM, Oracle OWB) or through this open architecture develop your own
  • Setup is easy and straightforward -- just write and implement your Build or Deploy scripts


  • SAP certified ALM solution
  • Supports versioning for ABAP and manages code dependencies between JAVA and ABAP
  • Creates and executes Transport Packages and uses Transport Manager

ALM for Mainframe

  • Developers use TeamForge for development work and version their code in Subversion
  • IKANALM takes care of the communication with the mainframe to support builds (compiles) and deployment on the mainframe
  • Manage not only COBOL projects, but also JAVA on the mainframe

About IKAN


Since 2003, Ikan is active in the Application Lifecycle Management space. We have always concentrated on enterprise customers that have heterogeneous environments and need robust solutions of “mainframe quality”. Having a mainframe background, Ikan has embraced JAVA and other state of the art technology to develop his solutions. CollabNet VersionOne and IKAN partner to add Lifecycle, Build, Deploy and Notification capabilities to the CollabNet TeamForge platform. Next to these standard services IKANALM offers an out-of-the-box Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution for SAP and Mainframes to CollabNet VersionOne customers.

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