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Control Both Mainframe and Distributed Changes Centrally

ISPW is enterprise software change and configuration management (SCM) solution that reduces mainframe SCM costs by 20% to 40% over other products. Originally developed as a programmer productivity tool, typical improvements have been on the order of 15-25%. ISPW’s ability to synchronize the deployment of cross-platform applications with AIX, Linux, HP/UX, Sun Solaris, Windows and z/OS components with a single command provides an end-to-end solution fully cooperating with the CollabNet VersionOne agile ALM platform.

ISPW reduces complex chains of commands to single clicks, and provides a powerful graphical interface that greatly simplifies management, control and auditability. ISPW cooperates with Subversion to ensure that synchronization of all components and platforms are maintained at all times. They are approved as a whole, promoted and deployed as a whole, and if needed, backed-out as a whole.

Why CollabNet VersionOne and ISPW?

ISPW provides a new way to manage software changes on all platforms whether based on mainframe, Microsoft® Windows® or open source. The entire process can be controlled from both ISPW and Apache Subversion® perspectives and with the integration with TeamForge the entire lifecycle can be tracked throughout. ISPW’s lightweight, collaborative framework supports a choice of 3270, Eclipse and browser based interfaces so every ISPW user has disruption-free interaction with the change management cycle. ISPW captures the source and executable components, storing them centrally along with their mainframe counterparts. The integrated release can then be implemented across all runtime environments simultaneously, regardless of platform.

Maximizing Developer Productivity

  • Take complete command of cross-platform software changes
  • Developers on all platforms can interact with their preferred IDEs, testing tools and version control systems
  • Embraces central, local and distributed development processes

Save Time and Money

  • Reduce failed changes by automating processes and eliminating points of failure
  • Gain time and effort savings, without the need to retrain staff or modify procedures
  • Cut typical mainframe costs by 20% or more! With no MIPS-based pricing/upgrade fees

Deliver Improved Synchronization

  • Increase visibility and control at every stage of the application process
  • Leave the approval and deployment to ISPW
  • Parallel development change impacts can be identified and reconciled at an early stage avoiding conflicts

About ISPW


ISPW BenchMark Technologies Ltd. is the developer of ISPW - the enterprise software change and configuration management (SCM) solution. Founded in 1986, Calgary-based ISPW BenchMark specializes in helping large IT installations manage complex application development and delivery across most operating system platforms including AIX, Linux, HP/UX, Sun Solaris, Wintel, zLinux and z/OS.

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