Janova - Janova Enterprise

Simple, Powerful, Effective Automated Testing

Janova is a web-based, automated software testing tool that turns plain English business rules into tests themselves. Running tests securely in the cloud, Janova removes the need to keep disparate files and software up to date, or spend thousands of dollars to maintain cumbersome software testing equipment.

Janova works behind the scenes through a cloud-based system of workers, automatically scaling and delegating processing power to ensure the fastest possible results for your tests. The application converts our plain language syntax into a testing script that can then be distributed throughout our powerful cloud. Use Janova Features, Pages and Flows to produce code-free business requirements that become automated tests, executing in the cloud at speeds of up to twenty times faster than traditional web testing tools.

Why CollabNet and Janova?

Testing web-based application across multiple environments and development teams is still a challenge that grows with the number of new web apps. There is a distinct lack of communication between the entire project team. This process typically fosters inconsistent results. With integration through TeamForge Connect, TeamForge customers can leverage the power and flexibility of cloud testing with the bi-directional sync of test results that link to code and tasks. Unify your team and track their progress while simultaneously leveraging the power of the cloud to multiply your effective workload. Stores the tests, validates their development and tests your Application, clearly documenting this process so that your entire team, from Business Analysts to Developers to Quality Assurance testers, are on the same page.

Simplify and Streamline Testing

  • No coding involved. Use plain English language syntax to create and automate tests.
  • Create tests in seconds and automatically create and update variables, linking them through the Janova system.
  • Define the test at a high level and allows for implicit understanding of what the desired test outcome and results.

Janova: a better method

  • Eliminate the need to know complicated code and business rules.
  • Easily and quickly modify tests without worrying whether or not the entire system will break.
  • Clearly document the process so that your entire team, from Business Analysts to Developers to QA testers, are on the same page.

Save time and money

  • Accelerate implementations by as much as 40%.
  • Reduce costs of software implementation by up to 20%.
  • Parallel Batch Processing allows for multiple tests to be executed at one time.