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Plan at the Right Pace to Stay on Track

Journyx ProjectXecute unites project planning with resource management, helping companies execute projects successfully every time and achieve the highest ROI possible. ProjectXecute integrates project plans, resource availability, and financials to provide a complete view of project profitability in a single system. It is a flexible solution that scales to different levels of need. Track project and non-project time—plus time off—in one system.

Track Your Progress: See at a glance whether you are on track to meet deadlines. Gauge the accuracy of your estimates. Communicate estimate changes in the tools you use everyday. Eliminate the need for double-entry.

Manage Your Resources: Know which team members are available. View availability for resources in other departments who can impact your project. Understand the impact of time-off to your schedules. Allocate and manage distributed resources.

Set Clear Stakeholder Expectations: Communicate progress to management and customers more clearly. Plan and manage iterations more accurately. Receive notifications when trouble arises. Easily give real-time visibility to those who need it.

Why CollabNet VersionOne and Journyx?

Are we on track? When will we finish? Are we in trouble? What is the impact? Will we have the right people to do this work? Stakeholders in any development project need quick, accurate answers. These questions are hard to answer if you can't easily track your time or see your resource constraints. Journyx ProjectXecute allows you to easily view resource availability, allocate resources to tasks, track task work, and estimate completion dates.

ProjectXecute integrates this information seamlessly into CollabNet TeamForge, so that your entire team gets an overview of your progress at the project and the task levels, and can easily report the right information to the right people. Developers can quickly track time and revise task estimates, without the need to re-enter the same data in other systems. Development managers, department managers, and executives can easily access up-to-date information to perform "what-if" project resource analysis.

Track Progress

  • Update progress at the task level and the project level
  • Communicate task estimate changes in real-time
  • Accommodate complex time approval workflows

Report Status

  • Clearly document the impact of project changes and resource constraints
  • Easily provide planning and execution information to all stakeholders
  • Quickly gauge status across projects with customizable dashboards and reports

Manage and Allocate Resources

  • See company-wide resource availability
  • Spot over-allocated resources instantly
  • Know the impact of resource time-off to your project

About Journyx

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Journyx is a complete Timesheet solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Journyx automates payroll, billing and cost accounting while easing management of employee time and expenses, and provides confidence that all resources are utilized correctly and completely. Founded in 1996, Journyx helps customers of every possible size maximize their profitability and productivity. Customers include Crate&Barrel, Schlumberger, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Callaway Golf and Honeywell.



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