LMIT Software - GerritForge

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Git is a fast, distributed version control system that can efficiently handle small and large projects. The GerritForge integration is a native Git SCM Adapter for CollabNet® TeamForge to maximize your productivity and control using Gerrit code-review lifecycle. It simplifies distributed development and protects investments with its application compatibility features for Apache™ Subversion® and legacy CVS. The integration supports authentication, SSO and self-provisioning; administration of Git repositories, Role-Based Access Control security and compliance with centralized and complete audit-trail.

Your TeamForge administrator can manage Git repositories from the TeamForge Administration function. You can create and remove Git Repositories or manage artifact association and restrictions. Browse your Git repository and monitor weekly Git commits through TeamForge.

Why CollabNet and LMIT Software?

Concerned with security breaches, compliance violations and lack of governance, enterprise adoption for Git however has been slow. The technology partnership with LMIT Software fulfills the growing demand to bring Git source code under the management and security of TeamForge. You get all the benefits of Git plus the security, traceability and manageability your business demands. And you can even manage Git and Subversion together, within each individual project.

Integrate User Authentication

  • Automatically self-provision user profiles in Gerrit from TeamForge user registry.
  • SSO from TeamForge to Gerrit Web console.
  • SSH Public Key authentication from Gerrit

Leverage Role-based Access Control

  • Reuse existing TeamForge roles on Gerrit.
  • Simplified View and View/Commit permissions.
  • Define default security levels.

Git Audit-Trail

  • Track all Gerrit and Git operations and upload audit trail to TeamForge
  • Gerrit security and repository administration logs
  • Git/Gerrit login and logout logs; Git commands logs.

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