MaestroDev Maestro

DevOps Infrastructure Automation

MaestroDev is a DevOps infrastructure automation engine, optimized for Agile development, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, and Cloud Federation. Separating the process from the tools, MaestroDev orchestrates custom best practices for build, test, release, and deploy across a broad set of leading open source and proprietary tools. The automation engine provides a customizable way to build software, run tests, manage artifacts, configure target environments, and deploy applications on any combination of physical, virtualized, and cloud resources.

Over 25,000 users at F500 companies have relied on MaestroDev for build process optimization to deliver their business-critical applications with greater frequency, better consistency, faster time to market, and lower resource cost. MaestroDev is a central platform from which to automate heterogeneous tools across a company’s custom SDLC process. MaestroDev Compositions capture custom processes and tasks, environment configurations, and deployment automation, and even human – asynchronous – workflow tasks with a simple, intuitive, easy-to-automate interface.

Why CollabNet and MaestroDev?

MaestroDev and CollabNet currently support several enterprise customers with a hosted, end-to-end build environment service. For TeamForge development organizations, MaestroDev delivers consistent, automated execution, regardless of methodology. Build managers gain standardization across very large, distributed teams. Apache™ Subversion® integration combines the best of CollabNet support and MaestroDev process automation, for the leading SCM tool. With provisioning through TeamForge Lab Management, MaestroDev provides an easy to scale DevOps build environment, and dynamic configuration of resources based on system utilization.

Agnostic to Your:

  • Tools: Provides a single interface that integrates leading tools across the build lifecycle, testing, artifact management, code analysis, environment configuration, and deployment.
  • Languages: Manage the full SDLC of projects in Java, C, C++, .NET, Ruby, and PHP. Manage mobile application projects in Android and iOS. Even manage projects with multiple languages in the same application.
  • Infrastructure: Manage your build, test, and deploy environments across any combination of physical, virtual, and cloud resources, such as CollabNet CloudForge. Even PaaS tasks and deployments can be automated.

DevOps Infrastructure Automation

  • Deliver automation to both your Dev and Ops teams; Standardize a common execution language.
  • Realize Continuous Delivery to Increase code velocity; and deployment consistency and reliability.
  • Provide immediate, automated, and controlled provisioning of environments for Dev, Test, QA, Ops.

Promote Best Practices

  • Easily “push” best practices, required tasks, and even new system capabilities to specific teams, or broadcast to the entire build system.
  • Allow simultaneous use of multiple tools, experiment with new tools, or change tools – all without disrupting the optimized production process.
  • Human “self-provisioning” is risky. Task-based provisioning is safer, quicker, more consistent, and also manages de-provisioning.

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